Top 8 Best Lucid Dreaming Experts

It is said that every person will have at least one lucid dream throughout their lifetime, a dream in which that person is fully aware that they are dreaming and is able to change the outcome of the dream as a result. There are many people out there, experts even, who are able to do this on a regular basis. They call themselves lucid dreamers, and it is possible that they live much more productive, manageable lives than those who cannot control their dreams.

Though you might at first be skeptical of lucid dreaming, experts have come to claim that lucid dreamers are able to live more balanced lives while they are awake because they are more effectively able to relax and overcome real world obstacles by conquering them first in their dreams.

If you are interested in learning more about the science behind lucid dreaming, or want to train yourself to begin lucid dreaming yourself, here is a list of some of the top lucid dreaming experts to help you get started.

1. Beverly D’Urso

Beverly Durso

Beverly D’Urso was the subject of much research related to the field of lucid dreaming, as she claims to have long since developed the ability, as all lucid dreamers do, to know she is dreaming while she is dreaming. She has studied cognitive psychology and worked as a professor and researcher herself. She gives tips and advice in many areas of psychology but is probably most well known for her expertise in lucid dreaming and “lucid living,” or learning how to exist more naturally and effectively in the present moment in real life as lucid dreamers might do in their dreams.

2. Stephen LaBerge

Stephen LaBerge

Stephen LaBerge is a psychophysiologist, a researcher and the Lucidity Institute director. It is his research and studying of dreams from a psychological point of view that made lucid dreaming more widely accepted and understood in the United States. His work has led to various developments in the field of lucid dreaming, including developing devices and techniques to help people learn to enter and manipulate states of lucid dreaming.

3. Daniel Love

Daniel Love

Daniel Love is a dream researcher, author and oneirologist, otherwise known as a dream scientist. His books and other writings are a more modern approach to lucid dreaming and aim to introduce people who may be skeptical to the practice of lucid dreaming to the legitimate reality of and science behind the lucid dreaming phenomenon. Like many other lucid dreaming experts, his experiences as a lucid dreamer from a very young age were what inspired him to study dreams, which he has always had a deep fascination for. The most reliable lucid dreaming experts are those who have not only experienced lucid dreaming for themselves, but who are so captivated by dreams that they have studied them enough to teach others about how they work.

4. Charlie Morley

Charlie Morley

Charlie Morley is a lucid dreaming teacher and renowned lucid dreaming expert. He is not only a bestselling author of books about lucid dreaming, but is also the co-creator of Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep, which is a form of mindfulness meditation directly related to lucid dreaming. He hosts and runs lucid dreaming workshops all over the world to teach people how to practice this approach to mindfulness and lucid dreaming. The way he ties lucid dreaming into meditation and mindfulness as a practicing Buddhist is what makes him such a renowned and unique lucid dreaming expert on a global scale.

5. Rebecca Turner

Rebecca Turner

As a former journalist, Rebecca Turner has managed to co-found and co-author World of Lucid Dreaming, which offers articles, forums and other resources to open up discussions and share information about lucid dreaming. As a lucid dreamer herself, she started the online publication and community because lucid dreaming became something she was passionate about and wanted to share, and has since become an expert in the field as World of Lucid Dreaming has grown and developed over the years. She has written hundreds of articles for the site, and her knowledge of and background in lucid dreaming shows.

6. Robert Waggoner

Robert Waggoner

Robert Waggoner is a writer and speaker and began his career as a lucid dreamer himself. His experiences being able to control his dreams and being aware that he is dreaming in the middle of a dream have allowed him to write books and give talks about lucid dreaming and further research as well as awareness of lucid dreaming. He is the former president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and is the current co editor of the online magazine The Lucid Dreaming Experience. His books and magazine offer many resources for anyone with a particular interest in lucid dreaming.

7. Ryan Hurd

Ryan Hurd

Ryan Hurd is a researcher and writer. He hosts a blog centered on dream studies, where he gives information about dream research and also gives tips and training advice regarding lucid dreaming to teach people how to learn to take control over their dreams. Hurd is also a writer and has published multiple books and guides about lucid dreaming and dream research, which provide even more helpful background information for those who want to either know more about lucid dreaming or want to become trained lucid dreamers themselves.

8. Lauri Loewenberg

Lauri Loewenberg

Lauri Loewenberg is a certified dream analyst, which means she has been an expert over the past several decades researching and studying people’s dreams. Through this certification and her membership in the International Association for the Study of Dreams, she has become one of the leading lucid dreaming experts. She is also an author, speaker, radio host and columnist, which means she has a wide presence and uses her background in dream psychology to raise awareness of lucid dreamers and how ordinary people can learn to manipulate their dreams.

These experts have experienced firsthand what it is like to live as a lucid dreamer, and believe people can be taught to understand and manipulate their dreams to live better lives. Check out their work, get informed and decide if lucid dreaming is something you might want to try for yourself soon.