Top 7 Best Yoga Pillows

Thinking about starting a regular yoga routine? Have you started one already, but have found you need more quality support while doing certain poses? You might need a yoga pillow to help give you the support and motivation you need. Here are the best yoga pillows you can find.

1. Reehut Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Pillow

A yoga pillow that promotes proper posture while performing certain poses is essential if you want to nurture your body and mind with this form of physical activity. This pillow in both sizes is large and supportive enough that you will end every yoga session feeling refreshed, not sore from lack of support on your knees or hips.

Purchase this yoga pillow in one of two sizes and one of five different colors, ranging from grey to navy. You can get a smaller or larger size. Also enjoy this pillow’s convenient transport handles to be able to carry it from one place to another easily. The outer cover is made of a comfortable material and can be removed for quick and easy washing when necessary.

2. YogaAccessories™ Round Cotton Yoga Bolster

A yoga pillow that is a longer, rounder shape can help support different areas of your body and help you maintain better posture. Support is essential in key areas like your knees and back when you are doing yoga. This YogaAccessorites™ pillow is the perfect shape and design to keep you physically well while you do yoga.

Choose from a variety of different bright colors like purple, red or sage. You can get a pillow to match the colors of your favorite yoga environment, such as a specific room in your house, if you want to. Its cotton cover is removable so that it can be washed. There are also handles to make it much easier for you to carry.

3. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

The structure and design of this yoga pillow ensures that you will have adequate body support regardless of the yoga poses you are performing. It is extremely firm, meaning it will support you no matter what. It also has a flat top and bottom for even more additional stability while practicing your poses.

You can purchase the Hugger Mugger standard yoga bolster in a dozen colors including aqua, green and in various different patterns and designs. The two handles on both ends make for easy transport, and its long shape means you can easily store it when you need to put it out of the way.

4. YogaDirect Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

At twenty four inches long and twelve inches wide, this yoga pillow is larger than you might expect, but this can be excellent news for those who are looking for full body support while they do their yoga poses, especially those that require lying down on the floor, which is not always the best surface for doing yoga properly.

This large pillow comes in a variety of different unique color options, including maroon, sage, sinopia and russet. The cover is made of one hundred percent cotton and can easily be removed from the rest of the pillow for quick washing when necessary. This pillow also comes with handles at both ends so that even though it is a bit larger than most other yoga pillows you will find, it is still simple to move it around.

5. Zafu – Yoga and Meditation Pillow By Susama

This Susama Yoga pillow promises to improve your life both physically and mentally. Physically, using this pillow while you do yoga or meditate can relieve unnecessary pressure on your knees and back. Using this pillow will also help to reduce stress on your ankles, knees and hips. All of these benefits combined make it a great option for anyone who wants to do yoga safely. This is all without the added features that come with the physical product.

This yoga pillow comes with filling which you can remove in order to properly wash the cover. The zafu material is durable and long lasting which means once you have this pillow, you will be able to keep and use it for a long time. It is also very easy to transport and store when needed.

6. Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow with USA Buckwheat Hull Fill and Certified Organic Cotton

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the products they buy, especially when it comes to health related products. If you are a person who is concerned with where the materials used to make a product come from, you will be pleased with Waterglider International’s use of organic buckwheat hull filling and organic cotton to make the pillow cover.

This yoga pillow is a fourteen by six inch round pillow that comes in a variety of color selections. You have the option to remove the filling so that you can wash the cover whenever necessary. It is the ideal shape and size to offer maximum comfort and support for you as you do yoga on unfavorable surfaces like hard finished flooring in your home or in a yoga studio.

7. Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Buckwheat Filled Round Cotton Bolster Pillow

One of the most important things to note when purchasing a yoga pillow is whether or not it provides support for your entire body. Yoga is good for you physically, but there is a reason it is recommended that you use a mat or a pillow. Doing yoga on hard surfaces like hardwood floors can put major stress on your joints and can actually damage your knees and hurt your spine. This yoga pillow promises to protect you.

Like many other yoga pillows and meditation cushions out there, you have the ability when purchasing this yoga pillow to choose the size and color that you want. It comes in two distinct sizes, either thirteen by thirteen by four and a half inches or sixteen by sixteen by four and a half inches. It also comes in a variety of unique, vibrant colors, including blue, purple, burgundy and a faded shade of green.