Tony Robbins Morning Ritual for Success

Have you ever wondered if there is more you can do in your life to make sure you are as successful as you want to be? A good place to start is adjusting your morning routine to mirror that of someone who has achieved the kind of success you hope to see in your own life.

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker and author. His success itself is motivational, and his morning rituals very well may be part of the reason he has managed to achieve so much in his life. Here is a brief summary of his morning routine and how you can apply similar steps and strategies to your morning activities.

Get cold (literally)


Every morning, Tony Robbins submerges himself in cold water for a full minute. He does this pretty much immediately after waking up, to stimulate his muscles and nerves all over his body.

You can do this, too, as part of your own morning ritual. The idea behind this wake-up method is that you essentially “shock” your body into waking up and feeling alive and energized without caffeine or dragging yourself around the house.

If you are interested in trying this ritual for yourself, you can easily give it a try by stepping into a cold shower and standing under the cold water for anywhere between one and two minutes. You might not be able to withstand that colder temperature for that long at first, but there are a few things you can try to ease yourself into the habit. You can either step into a cold shower and stay in for about 10 seconds, step out for a minute, go back in for a 10 more seconds and repeat, or you can start with hot water, immediately turn it to cold and back again until you’ve reached a full minute.

The point of submerging yourself in cold water is to force your body to endure a sudden temperature change, so standing in hot water and gradually decreasing the temperature won’t work. It’s an excellent method for helping yourself wake up faster, especially if you are not a morning person. The faster you are able to wake up and get moving, the more you will be able to accomplish throughout the first part of your day, and the more successful you will eventually be.

Breathe, thank and pray


The second segment of Robbins’ morning ritual involves three parts: breathing, gratitude and prayer. You can pretty much perform these in whichever order you like, but the point behind it is to first calm your mind, then take the time to appreciate what you have, and finally to seek strength and wish good fortune on yourself and the people you care about and interact with. Taking the time to breathe forces you to be still. It slows your heart rate and helps relieve stress, even when it seems like it might be taking up valuable time. It’s worth it.

Gratitude, especially for a short time every morning, can change your outlook on the entire day ahead of you. Taking the time to think about the people and things that are most important to you and mean the most in your life forces you to look past the negative things you are facing. You will go into whatever tasks are ahead of you with a better attitude and more of an appreciation for the people and things around you. Dealing with tough situations and people will be a little easier to handle, which can improve both your workflow and your relationships.

We all need to seek strength and peace in our on ways, and your form of prayer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sit with your hands folded and head bowed. You might prefer journaling about your worries and struggles and triumphs. You might take a walk or simply sit in silence. Similar to breathing exercises, it’s a way to achieve a sense of calm and confidence to tackle the day ahead with purpose and strength.

Eat breakfast


Robbins eats breakfast every morning, something relatively bland but packed with nutrients. Breakfast is important for many reasons, but the main takeaway we can learn from Robbins is that not taking the time to care for yourself, which includes providing your body and mind with enough nourishment to function properly, will make it that much more difficult for you to be successful.

Food is fuel. Eating a healthy breakfast every morning gives you the energy you need to focus and get things done. Try to eat small portions of food packed with carbohydrates and protein, such as sausage and eggs or a breakfast burrito with veggies. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, but eating something nutritious, even if it’s not your “thing,” is much more beneficial than skipping breakfast altogether. Don’t do that. If you have to settle for something small in the morning, eat a protein packed snack between then and lunch time to keep up your energy levels and avoid unnecessary snacking, which can be distracting.

Not having enough time in the morning to eat some form of breakfast is a weak excuse for not fueling up for the day ahead. You can either make something the night before, so it’s quicker and easier to heat up and enjoy in the morning, or you can use the two previous steps to your advantage and make breakfast happen whether you want to or not. It’s worth your time, especially if you want to be successful not just in the long term, but day in and day out as well.

Success in life takes a lot of strength, willpower and mental and physical energy. Do what you can to physically and psychologically charge your body and mind for the day ahead. Pack your morning routine with rituals that will prepare you for conquering your to-do list and moving up the often unstable ladder to success. Figure out what wakes you up, puts you at peace and gives you energy, and turn those things into habits you can stick to for life.