7 Fun Gym Motivation Tees

Let’s face it, going to the gym can sometimes be tough. You know… You’ve had a hard day at work, or you went to bed late and that 06:00 alarm has a very handy snooze button (AKA as the ‘late for work’ button…).

So anything that raises a smile as you bust your ass to ensure you get your daily workout is, in our humble opinion, pretty damn cool!

Check out these great fun gym motivation tees that’ll not only get your smile on, but that of everyone else around you too.

1. Sweat is Fat Crying

Sweat is Fat Crying

Yeah, baby – make that lard sob! After all, a sweaty workout is perhaps one of the most satisfying to do. Just check out how great you feel after a spin class (once you’ve stopped feeling sick and dizzy, that is!).

This cool Sweat is Fat Crying tee is a great present for anyone who works out. And, of course, you don’t actually have to wait for someone to gift such a tee to you, because with all that training effort you put in, you certainly deserve to buy yourself the odd present along the way…

2. I’m Not a Gym Rat, I’m a Gym Unicorn

I’m Not a Gym Rat, I’m a Gym Unicorn

Because every girl loves a unicorn, right? And guys, if you want to be a unicorn too, then that’s OK too! The I’m Not a Gym Rat, I’m a Gym Unicorn tee is lightweight, quick drying, and comes in various colors and a male or female shape.

When you’re straining to make that last set of squats, knowing that there’s a roughty-toughty looking unicorn smiling out from the front of your chest is both fun and motivational. And we’re pretty sure it’ll make others grin too.

3. Mommy Strong

Working on that post-baby body! Then you need the Mommy Strong tee. The perfect accompaniment to any training session, be it Combat, pump, HIIT, or whatever. And while you’re working out, you can boast to the world that you’ve got a wonderful new addition to your family. A fit mom working out! Nothing much more sexy than that….

4. Stop Making Excuses

Stop Making Excuses

We all know that person (or, in our case, people) who always have the ideal excuse as to why they’re NOT working out. And, we hate to say it, they always seem to be the one reaching for the cookie barrel too – and then complaining that they can’t lose any weight!

This tee is the perfect one to wear down the gym with such a person (or perhaps give them as a meaningful gift…) To Start Making Progress, You Have To First Stop Making Excuses says it all, so you don’t have to…

5. Small You Are. Lift You Must

Small You Are Lift You Must

Any Star Wars fan will adore this Yoda tee. Small You Are. Lift You Must comes in various different colors, and in shapes that are designed for men, women, and youths.

And who can forget how amazing Yoda’s kick-ass scene with Count Dooku! If you’re a small person hitting the gym, then this really is the perfect tee to wear.

6. I Will, I Can

I Will, I Can

The I Will, I Can tee has the ultimate motivational wording of, ‘Today I Will Do What Others Won’t, So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can’t”. It comes in some cool, dark colors – such as royal blue, purple, dark heather, and black, and in perfect shapes for women, men, and youths.

This is a tee for those serious about their fitness. Perfect for the gym, to go running, or as a cover up after a high-energy workout class. Not to mention that it’s a trendy enough tee to wear outside of the gym as well.

7. Sweat Now, Wine Later

Sweat Now, Wine Later

Gotta love a play on words, and the Sweat Now, Wine Later does just that. After all, your workout efforts mean that you can either enjoy a tipple of whatever you fancy later on that day, or if you workout so hard that your muscles complain that evening, then you can have a little whine… (Get it? Whine – wine! Oh – never mind…).

Whatever way you take this tee, it’ll bring a smile to the face of anyone who reads it. Because let’s be serious now. The reason half of us workout is so we can eat and drink what we want later. And hey! That’s fine by us…