7 Best Rebounders to Help Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Are you looking for a new exercise you can do from home to help build up your strength? You should try rebounding.

What is a rebounder? It’s basically a miniature trampoline, usually with six supporting legs with rubber on their bottoms for stability and support. Rebounding is a form of lower body strength building that involves – you guessed it – jumping exercises to build up strength in your legs. It’s just like jumping on a trampoline for fun, except with the aim of getting stronger in the process.

Sound like something you want to try? You will first need a rebounder, of course. Here is a list of some of the best rebounders out there to help you improve your physical fitness and strength.

1. Needak Rebounder-R02 Soft Bounce No-Fold


The Needak Rebounder R02 is built for rebounders who know what they want and know what makes a great rebounder. It is built with 36 springs and supports itself on six legs, which makes it both sturdy and extremely functional in terms of jumping power. It also comes with a mat for extra stability and safety. Its 40 inch diameter surface area gives you plenty of space to jump around and encourages you to go all in with your rebound workouts. It isn’t built for storage, as it does not fold up or move around easily, so if you are really going to dedicate yourself to rebounding, consider this as a long term option.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Foldable Trampoline


At 41 and a half inches in diameter, this rebounder is on the large side, and this is a great thing for people who really want to work on exercising and bulking up their leg muscles. Its larger surface area allows for more room to jump around without having to worry quite as much about literally overstepping boundaries. Its high quality material is bound to last a long time, especially for those who want to rebound every once in awhile and don’t plan on using it for daily workouts. Anyone new to rebounding will appreciate the space and comfort it allows.

3. Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Model 250


The Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is a unique rebounder compared to most other standard brands and models, but in this case, that actually happens to be a good thing. It gets its support from arched legs, which helps keep it in place while you jump. Not all rebounders have this feature, but it can be very helpful to beginners who need a little bit more support. This rebounder promises to last for thousands upon thousands of jumps, so it will last a fairly long time whether you plan on using it daily or only every once in awhile.

4. Stamina InTone Oval Jogger


Finding time to exercise throughout the day is hard, especially in the evening. Why not purchase a rebounder that lets you do multiple things at once? The Stamina InTone Oval Jogger comes equipped with a secure support bar, so you can jump and hold onto the bar while listening to an audio book or a podcast or watching TV without having to concentrate too much on where your feet are landing. This rebounder also monitors your jumps, keeping track of how many jumps you manage to perform per minute. This way you can try to work your way up to more jumps per minute each time you work out.

5. Half Fold Cellerciser Kit


Already an experienced rebounder and looking for something that will last long under pressure, even with regular workouts? The Half Fold Cellerciser Kit comes with a five year warranty on everything except the springs, which are easily replaceable once they begin to wear down. This rebounder is sturdy and durable because it is built for the most elite athletes out there, those who know they love to rebound, and certainly don’t want anything to slow them down. Like many other rebounders, its diameter is 40 inches, which allows for plenty of room for your workouts. It is also built to stand almost an entire foot off the ground, which can really make you feel like you’re launching yourself into the air. There’s no better motivator than that.

6. Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline


This rebounder isn’t the biggest one you will find for sale, but it’s sturdy and perfect for those just getting into rebounding training for the first time. Notable features include rubber feet on the legs to keep it stable and a rubber safety pad to keep you safe while jumping just as a precaution. It is also foldable, as mentioned in its name, so it is very easy to fold up, move around, store and set up in different places. It holds up to a max of 250 pounds and allows you to practice rebounding to see if you enjoy the workout before possibly investing in a higher quality rebounder.

7. Pure Fun Mini Trampoline


If you are looking for a high quality rebounder that is going to stay relatively in the same place for long periods of time, this is the one you want to invest in. It’s heavy – nearly 16 pounds total. Its jumping surface can hold up to a weight of around 220 pounds safely. Its steel metal frame offers plenty of sturdy support, and its rubber bottomed legs make sure it stays in the same place as you jump. It’s 40 inches in diameter, so you will want to keep it in a place with plenty of room for and around it just in case.

Rebounding may not be for everyone, but it is most definitely worth a try. It doesn’t have nearly as much intense impact as running does, so it can be a great workout that’s not so hard on your knees. It’s an exercise you can do as little or as much of as you want to. It’s an investment you can make for cheap in the beginning, and upgrade to a more advanced rebounder later on if you want. Try a few out and see what you think.