7 Beautiful Places in the World that You Need to See in Real Life

How many places have you been to outside your home country? One? None? You have probably seen pictures of places all over the world, and the internet makes it easy to look them up and explore virtually. That’s nothing to the experience you would have if you actually traveled to them for real.

Check out these seven beautiful places in the world that you need to see in real life. Don’t just read about them: seriously consider visiting them. Your place of residence is beautiful, but there’s so much more out there you might not even know about.

1. The Arctic Circle

Aurora over Arctic Circle

Perhaps you are searching for a few glimpses of wildlife, in the actual wild and not in a zoo, at some point on your journey around the world. Maybe you are looking for someplace colorful, or whose climate makes you feel like you’re not even on the planet anymore. If any of these things are on your list, there’s an ideal place to mark on your travel map.

A mere 1,650 miles from the North Pole, the Arctic Circle is a place you can access from many different locations in the world, but still unlike anything you have ever seen before or will ever see again. You can take a tour, or a cruise; you can see whales and polar bears. You can just stand and admire the natural beauty (snap a few photos while you’re there, too). Learn more about everything the Arctic Circle has to offer its visitors.

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you have never traveled to any part of South America, Brazil is a great place to start. If you’re heading down that way, you might as well begin your journey at Rio de Janeiro, which is full of a wide variety of sites and attractions and local culture to satisfy your senses and curiosity.

In Rio de Janeiro, you’ll have so much fun you might not want to leave (but there’s always a next time, right?). You can take the more cultural route and visit a plethora of museums and architectural wonders, or you can relax on the beach, check out the many vendors or enjoy some great food … or all of the above, and then some.

3. Palawan Island

Palawan, Philippines

Have you ever run away to an island, or thought about it, just to take in the beautiful scenery around you? If you travel to Palawan Island, which includes many different islands open to exploration, you can do just that, and so much more.

Located in the Philippines, Palawan Island offers boat tours to view its underground river, beautiful beaches and even the chance to view the area’s breathtaking marine life while scuba diving or snorkeling. You can even go on one of almost a dozen sightseeing tours so an expert can help point out everything you don’t want to miss.

4. Okavango Delta

Elephants in Okavango

What do you picture when you hear the word “safari”? If you have never considered embarking on a real life safari, you might want to change your mind. A real African safari will completely alter the way you see the world, and because it is affordable and completely accessible, you really have no excuse not to go.

If you are itching for a true exotic adventure, head to Botswana and explore the Okavango Delta, where you will find a literal oasis deep within an African desert. The wildlife is just one of many reasons why visiting this remote location is a necessity at least once, if not multiple times throughout your life.

5. Cappadocia, Turkey

Hot Air Balloons over Cappadocia

One good reason to take temporary leave from your normal life to visit someplace new is the opportunities it allows for a whole lot of walking. Think about it: how much walking do you really do in a day? Unfortunately, you probably spend most of your work day hunched over your desk, and when you do get a good walk in, the scenery is nothing compared to what you might find elsewhere.

Cappadocia, Turkey is a place built for walking, and the sights and attractions along the way are worth every step. If you add this trip to your bucket list and someday make the arrangements, you will have the chance to explore underground cities and churches and even castles. Learn more about all the things you will be able to see once you arrive.

6. Brecon Beacons National Park

Waterfall in Brecon Beacon

If you are hoping to head somewhere you have zero chance of getting bored visiting, consider a trip to Wales, Brecon Beacons National Park specifically. When you visit Brecon Beacons National Park, you won’t run out of things to do. In fact, there’s so much to see and do while you’re there that you might not even get the chance to see it all. It’s a dream come true.

Whether you’re looking for excellent food at drink at one of the park’s many festivals, a little bit of culture or history or just a beautiful place to take a very long walk, you will find it here. Visit a castle, or a lake, or a valley. Look onto a waterfall or a canal. It’s all there, just waiting for you to find it.

7. Venice, Italy

Venice Canal

As with all the other locations described here, Venice is not anything like what you have seen in pictures or on T.V.: it is a thousand times better. City life in Venice probably isn’t anything like what you’re used to at home, either, which can be a good thing. Don’t just go on a vacation for the sake of getting away: go for the sake of discovering something completely new.

You can stand in wonder at Venice’s many canals, wander through the streets or stop at one of many coffee shops. Visit a museum or two and marvel at the art you can only dream of creating yourself. Venture into the area’s churches and cathedrals. It is a location so beautiful you will never forget it. Start with this guide if you are thinking about planning a trip here someday.

Travel to these seven beautiful places around the world at least once in your lifetime. Expand your cultural horizons and dare to gaze upon landmarks and wonders you just can’t appreciate the same way in pictures as you can in real life.