11 Startups Set for Greatness

What do the most successful up and coming startups have in common? They see and fill a need, all questions asked. Here are some of the most helpful and promising startups rising to the top of the innovative business world.

  1. Narrative Science


Narrative Science is changing the way content is created. You may think it odd that a robot might write an article, but it’s a much more sensible use than you might think. This software is capable of writing up basic reports and reviews, eliminating this rather mundane task from the to do lists of writers who should be using their time to create much more significant, but equally valuable, content for their companies.

  1. Vestorly


Content marketing is hard, especially on the internet. The founders of Vestorly knew this, so they created a startup that uses the online connections of businesses such as social media followings and automates their content marketing for them, driving leads in no time at all. This saves organizations both time and money, making it possible for business owners to focus their attention on different areas of their business models.

  1. EquipmentShare


This innovative startup allows contractors to rent and rent out construction equipment in order to complete their jobs successfully. This is a much cheaper and much more convenient alternative to traditionally obtaining equipment to use at work sites. This is especially helpful for people who have equipment they want to rent and don’t know where else to look for people who might benefit from renting it. If you aren’t using it, you might as well lend it to someone else.

  1. ClassPass


Fitness is one of the hottest trends you will come across, especially when it comes to group classes. This is why ClassPass is destined for such great and continued success, capitalizing on people’s desire to work out and their need for a very specific kind of motivation to do so. ClassPass is a monthly membership service that allows people to sign up for unlimited fitness classes across the United States.

  1. Mast Mobile


Tired of having to carry around two separate phones – one for work and one for personal use? The founders of Mast Mobile know it. That is why they have created a system that allows you to manage both your professional and personal endeavors on just one mobile device. This way you only have to carry around one phone wherever you go. There is a built in feature that automatically splits your usage bill between use for work and use for pleasure to make managing the two even easier to do.

  1. Nutmeg


Traditionally, if you wanted to start investing your money, you would work with an investment advisor. Nutmeg uses the power of the internet to make this process more automatic, meaning it is cheaper and can be done on a person’s own time and schedule. Users enter data about how much money they want to invest, and they are given a customized financial investment portfolio to allow them to invest their money in the ways that are best for their current financial situations.

  1. Getaround


Getaround is pretty much the opposite of Uber. Instead of having someone else drive you around, you actually rent their car and drive it around to wherever you need to “get around” to. You can reserve the car, pick it up at a designated location, pay by the hour for use and return it to a designated spot when you are finished with it. For people who prefer driving themselves around, but need a car to drive.

  1. TradeBlock


If you have not heard of bitcoin yet, you likely will hear about it very soon. Jumping on its growing circulation, TradeBlock offers companies analysis tools to track digital currency trends, monitoring various data points related to this very specific area of finance. The more prevalent and relevant bitcoin becomes in the years to come, the more businesses are going to want to know how to properly manage it. The most successful startups are those who see rising trends before they catch on, and begin the race before the competition even knows there is one.

  1. Managed by Q


This startup caters to every single office’s needs: regular cleanup. Managed by Q uses one iPad to coordinate things like cleaning schedules and supply restock notifications, so that every office can be sure it stays clean and organized, and has everything it needs, with just the tap of a finger. Organization and quick communication is essential in all parts of the business world, so this startup’s founders saw an opportunity to provide a service everyone needed and have made millions as a result.

  1. Plated


Plated is a meal subscription service that delivers healthy ingredients directly to people’s homes and provides detailed instructions to help them prepare meals. This startup works because people are too busy to cook, or too busy to learn how to prepare healthy meals. By delivering healthy ingredients and easy to follow recipes directly to customers, this startup not only helps people eat healthier and saves time, but it also helps people appreciate the art of cooking, which can be difficult if you are too overwhelmed to figure out the best things to buy at the grocery store.

  1. Splash


Planning an event can be time consuming and expensive – at least it used to be, until Splash came along. Splash is the brand new way for companies and party throwers alike to create event websites to make planning any kind of formal gathering easier. These sites allow you to set up easy RSVP mechanisms, sell and receive tickets and even incorporates email marketing into the mix to increase sales and win over customers.

Follow in these founders’ footsteps if you are hoping to create a startup that is as successful as these 11 companies already are. If you ever come across a need that is not being met, do not hesitate to do what you can, as soon as possible, to meet that need in the most savvy way possible.