10 Podcasts That Will Make a Positive Impact On Your Life

Do you need something new to listen to on your commute to work? Something to fill the quiet background while you perform tasks? How about a podcast? Better yet, how about a podcast that changes your life?

There are thousands of podcasts out there to listen to right now, with new ones popping up all the time. Here are 10 shows that will make a positive impact on your life.

1. How to Do Everything


How to Do Everything is a podcast that depends completely on its listeners for content ideas. Listeners submit questions about how to do something – silly or serious – and the podcast’s two hosts, Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag, find experts to answer those questions. Listening to this show will not only teach you how to do everything, but will inspire you to seek out the answers to your own questions about your life, your hobbies, your career, your aspirations and more.

2. Radiolab from WNYC


Radiolab is a podcast created and hosted by curious minds, made for curious people. It explores stories of people, both ordinary and widely successful. It brings to light things we often think about but never get around to Googling, such as what really goes into being a professional ice skater, what happens when a baby is born at 23 weeks’ development and how the paparazzi in other countries impact the entertainment industry. These stories make us think, and inspire us to learn and educate ourselves the way we never could in school.

3. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin

As you can probably guess from its title, Happier with Gretchen Rubin is a podcast about how to be happier and live a happier life. Host Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of books such as The Happiness Project, and her sister talk about habits we all can adopt in order to shape our lifestyles for a more positive life experience overall. Topics include when it’s better to say nothing in response to someone else, why perfectionism hurts and new ways to say goodbye to stress. You’ll feel happier after just one episode, and there are already nearly 70 to go back and listen to while you wait for new ones.

4. Invisibilia


Invisibilia is a podcast out of NPR that talks about the ‘invisible forces’ that influence the ways we think, act and perceive the world. Hosts Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin and Alix Spiegel share stories about how the unexpected things that happen in real life, while they might initially cause us to question everything, often end up being the things that end up shaping the rest of our lives for the better. Listening to Invisibilia will remind you, over and over and over again, that you may not be able to control what happens to you, but that does not mean you cannot control how you respond to it.

5. Relevant Magazine


If the RELEVANT Podcast is a show that provides as much entertainment as a traditional variety show, why should you bother listening? Simply put, sometimes, we take ourselves far too seriously. While you will experience insightful interviews as well as exposure to music, games and more, you will ultimately get what readers of RELEVANT magazine come for: insight on how to live the best kind of life.

6. Catalyst Podcast


You don’t have to want to be a leader to listen to the Catalyst Podcast. This show features insightful interviews with renowned speakers, authors and successful leaders in a variety of fields. It will teach you how to build confidence and influence people, which is something many struggle with in their professional lives.

7. Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

The Stuff You Should Know podcast features episodes that tell you, well, everything you ever wanted to know about everything, and everything you didn’t know you wanted to know. Categories include the brain, crime, ethics, food, marriage and many, many more. The more you fill your life with knowledge, the more you will be able to use that knowledge at work, at home, with friends and while pursuing even your most wild ambitions.

8. TED Radio Hour by NPR


TED Radio Hour by NPR is a podcast that dives deep into the fascinating world of ideas. Host Guy Raz introduces you to various TED talks surrounding a common theme, everything from how science changes the way we think to how new inventions are shaping the way we behave, create and change the world. Through the collaboration between TED and NPR, listeners are exposed to a podcast that dares to dive as deep into new approaches to impact the world around us. You won’t hear the majority of these ideas anywhere else.

9. Reply All from Gimlet Media

Reply All

Reply All is quite literally a show about the internet. Hosts Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt cover stories about how we create, consume and interact with one another using the vast digital space that is the world wide web. These stories pose questions about how being online shapes who we are and what we pay attention to. Listening to this podcast will make you think deeper about the potential you have to make a difference in this world, even just by using online mediums to do so. It is intriguing, inspirational and, at points, mind-blowing in the best way possible.

10. This American Life

This American Life

This American Life is yet another podcast that tells real stories about real people, but this one is just a little different than many you may have heard before. Each week revolves around a single theme, and shows tell stories that all connect to that theme. Because these are real people sharing real stories, it is a show that is not only informative, but inspirational as well. Listening to others’ stories about making an impact on the world can motivate you to make positive changes in your life, too.

Whoever says a podcast can’t change your life for the better has obviously never listened to any of these. Whether you are learning a new fact, hearing a news story or learning how to be happier and more confident, the positive impact these shows will have on your life is one you will just have to experience for yourself.