10 Happy Things To Think About

Sometimes life throws you a curved ball. When this happens, you can choose to let it throw you off balance… Or you can grab hold of it, and chuck it with all your might back in the direction you want it to go.

When such an event happens in your life, or perhaps you’re simply feeling a bit flat from regular everyday stresses, it can be really advantageous to specifically think about happy things.

The following are 10 things you can focus on that will make you feel happier and more positive in an instant.

1. Think about what you’re grateful for

Think about what you’re grateful for

Even in your lowest periods, there’s always something you can feel grateful for. Perhaps you have a good friend who’s always there for you. Or you have a great family. What about your pets? It doesn’t matter what you’re thankful for, there’s growing scientific evidence that feeling gratitude is beneficial for us in many ways.

2. You’re not the first

You’re not the first

OK, sometimes this can be a double-edged sword. Because yes, it’s pretty much a given that you’re not the first to experience whatever challenge your going through. But what it is, is that it’s the first time it’s happened to you.

But what you can take comfort from is the fact that thousands (and likely millions) of people who’ve felt the way you do right now have survived, and likely gained from their experience.

3. Life is not a destination; It’s a journey…

Life is not a destination; It’s a journey

Your whole life is a journey, from one end to the other. You’re not simply striving to get somewhere and then that’s it. Because once you’ve achieved one goal, there’s always going to be another to reach for.

And hey! When something happens to alter the journey you’re taking, then it might actually be a blessing in disguise – moving you on to bigger things, perhaps better than you ever might’ve imagined.

4. The present is what matters

The present is what matters

We live in the here and now – right now. What’s happened in the past doesn’t matter, and we have pretty much no control over what might happen in the future. So this very moment is the one to live in – and the one to enjoy.

So don’t let the past taint your present. And certainly don’t let fear of the future let you stop enjoying your life right now.

5. Look for the lesson

Look for the lesson

Every single thing that happens to us – be it good or bad – has something to teach us. It doesn’t matter how old and wise (or otherwise) we get, we continue to learn about ourselves, others, and the world around us. And when something happens to knock us down, the crucial (and possibly the hardest) thing to do is to look for that lesson.

Actively seeking to learn from bad times, difficulties, and setbacks really will make you feel more positive and happier.

6. You can start again tomorrow

You can start again tomorrow

No matter what’s happened today, tomorrow is a brand new day. And if you choose to make it, a brand new chapter in your life. Every single day can be the one you choose to make a new beginning in your life. And guess what? You can make that new beginning as many times as you need to – there’s no quota on the amount of times you start the journey to better things.

7. There are other good people out there

There are other good people out there

When someone’s done you wrong (and perhaps, during your life, multiple people have done so), it can be so easy to think that the whole human race is comprised of awful people. But we all know that this is really not so. Most people out there are decent. Most people out there live by the same values and morals as you do.

Sure! There’s a minority who don’t. And you might’ve been unlucky enough to come across such individuals. But what you mustn’t do is let the few color your view of the majority.

8. You can change how you view things

You can change how you view things

Negativity sadly, breeds negativity. When you’re feeling down, it’s so easy to look at the situation – and life in general – from a negative point of view. And guess what? This just makes you feel more down.

But what you do have is the power to alter how you look at a situation. It doesn’t matter how awful things are, you – and only you – have the choice of how you view what’s occurring. Sure, you can stay looking only at the negatives. But if you change your perspective, you can find the positive in virtually any situation.

9. Money is good. But other things are better

Money is good. But other things are better

We all want enough money to be secure and stable. But while money in itself can pave the way for life to be easier, there are many other things that are better than money. Having money will not increase your moment by moment mood. Studies have shown that money has a minimal effect on happiness.

Your energy and efforts will be rewarded by happiness to far greater effect by doing good deeds, being nice to others, spending time with people you love, etc. than the constant strive to earn more and more of the green stuff.

10. Feeling happy for others

Feeling happy for others

Rejoicing in the successes of others has a wonderful repercussion: It also makes you feel happier. And let’s be honest – we all want good things to happen to those we care about. Rather than letting jealousy or envy creep in when you hear about other people’s good fortune, allow yourself to be happy for them instead.

And if you want to get a double burst of contentment, why not think about what it is that they did to make good things happen to them. This can then be used to help pave the path for good things to happen in your life too.