10 Best Self Help Books for Women

Hey girls! Looking for the best self help books out there that are targeted specifically for you? Yep, it’s a common problem, because so many are completely male orientated. It’s well known that we do things differently to guys, in many (most?) cases. So why on earth would we want advice that’s targeting both sexes?

Check out this awesome list of the very best 10 self-help books that are written just for the fairer sex…

1. Women Who Think Too Much – by Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

Women Who Think Too Much

This groundbreaking book is all about that one similar problem many of us have – that of overthinking. In Women Who Think Too Much, psychologist Dr. Susan uncovers her life changing research into this very problem, and what we can do to overcome it.

After telling us in layman’s terms exactly why we do this, she then goes on to show us the very strategies we need to overcome the issue. If you’re looking for a truly life-changing book, this could well be the one.

2. The Anger Workbook for Women – by Laura J. Petracek

The Anger Workbook for Women

The Anger Workbook for Women is pretty unique. We all suffer from anger – even if we don’t think so. Because, unlike men, many women don’t deal with the emotion by crazy outbursts. Instead, we tend to direct it inwards. And this leads to different issues, and ones that can’t be understood by the regular ‘anger management’ books that are usually written by men, for men.

If you suffer from anger in any way, shape, or form, then this one is definitely worth a read.

3. The Mindful Woman – by Sue Patton Thoele

The Mindful Woman

Mindfulness is a buzzword right now. But it can be hard to find books that specifically relate this to women. The Mindful Woman is one such book, and shows you in clear and simple steps how you can incorporate mindfulness into your busy, 21st century life. It particularly takes into account the stresses and strains that women undergo every day of their lives.

4. The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Women – by Glynnis McNicol and Rachel Sklar

The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Women

The 10 Habits is a book that’s comprised of articles and essays written by some of the most accomplished and successful women of the last few decades. Each of them discusses a key habit that they’ve determined are crucial for their success. It’s a fabulous read, and one with many take-aways that those of us struggling to keep our bead above water whilst juggling many different balls will find an absolute godsend.

5. Empowering Women to Succeed: Bounce – by Randi Goodman

Empowering Women to Succeed Bounce

OK, so this book does have an input from a guy – but trust us, it’s entirely relevant. Empowering Women to Succeed: Bounce has 16 authors! Each of them tell their own inspiring story of how they’ve overcome various challenges – and all of them have wonderful messages of resilience, happiness, hope, and success. The great thing is how we can draw positivity from each of them, and use those same strengths to improve our own lives.

6. Choosing ME Before WE – by Christine Arylo

Choosing ME Before WE

Choosing Me Before We is a book that every woman should read at least once in her life. This is a book filled with the information you need to ensure that you find, nurture, and keep the relationships in your life that you want, without – and this is the important bit – sacrificing any of the things that make you whole as a person in your own right. An excellent read, and one that will give you a whole load of those ‘light bulb’ moments…

7. Modern Heroine Soul Stories – by Molly McCord

Modern Heroine Soul Stories

One thing we girls can do is take a whole lot of information from other people’s experiences. And we can then use that to better our own lives. Modern Heroine Soul Stories is a collection of just such stories. From divorce to ill health, having a child to losing your Mom, these tales are tantamount to quite how strong the female species really is.

8. For a Woman to Love – by Susan Bullock

For a Woman to Love

For a Woman to Love is one of the most down to earth self-help books out there today. If you’re fed up of fighting with your inner feelings; fed up with destroying yourself on a daily basis (even though you paint on that brave face to the outside world); and simply want to live a greater, happier life, then this is likely to become your bible.

Broken down into 64 steps to a better you, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then delve into these pages to begin your journey to bigger and better things today!

9. Self Discovery Journal – by Shalu Sharma

Self Discovery Journal

The Self Discovery Journal is slightly different from the other books in this list. But it certainly deserves its place. The book provides you with 121 thought provoking questions that inspire you to write down your inner most thoughts about them. Writing is one of the most therapeutic outlets there is. Getting ‘stuff’ down on paper gives you the opportunity to rid yourself of negativity – plus on reading them back at a later time, you can formulate conclusions, answers, and find ways to improve on that negativity.

10. Warrior Goddess Training – by HeatherAsh Amara

Warrior Goddess Training

An awesome title for an awesome book. Warrior Goddess Training draws on ancient wisdom – including Buddhism – to give you some no-holds barred, blunt advice on how you CAN be the woman you want to be, and that yes, you are good enough – no matter how you might feel inside right now.

Straight talking and honest, you’ll discover how to strip away those layers of self doubt that are holding you back, and become the true goddess that you really are.