10 Best Nutrition Experts On YouTube

If you’re looking for some rocking expertise on nutrition, then look no further than these awesome YouTube channels.

1. Fit Couple Cooks

Fit Couple Cooks

The Aussie/US couple combination that make up Fit Couple Cooks is perfect for everyone and anyone – because they’re not wedded to any particular type of diet. So if you’re a meat eater or a veggie, paleo convert of looking to lose weight, then there’s something here for everyone to learn.

Packed with great videos on both meal prep and nutrition advice, expect new streaming every couple of days or so.

2. The Vegetarian Baker

The Vegetarian Baker

No prizes for knowing what this channel’s all about..! But if you’re looking for tips on how to make vegetarian food both nutritious and delicious, then this is the place to head for.

Truly vegan, yet truly scrumptious – The Vegetarian Baker is packed with loads of alternative (and sometimes unusual) recipes and nutrition advice that’ll whet the appetite of every vegan out there…

3. Fit Men Cook

Fit Men Cook

If you train – and train hard – and are looking for ways to improve the quality and speed of your muscle gain, then Fit Men Cook is the channel for you. Because when it comes to packing on the muscle, it’s all down to what you feed your body.

Forget boring chicken and eggs – here you’ll discover how to eat the foods you love, whilst still ensuring you’re giving your body exactly what it needs to get ripped.

4. Fully Raw Kristina

Fully Raw Kristina

Well, if you want to understand all the massive food benefits of a raw food diet, then Fully Raw Kristina is the go-to gal. In today’s processed food packaged nightmare, there’s so much we can all do to ensure we get the healthiest (and best tasting) foodstuffs.

From yummy vegan deserts and mains, to other wonderful products such as moisturisers and other cosmetics, if you want to embrace the advantages of the raw food lifestyle, this is a wonderful place to start.

5. Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube

Needing no introduction, UK chef sensation, Jamie Oliver, rocks a great Food Tube channel. If you’re looking for great, all-round advice on nutrition, how to healthily feed the kids, and most importantly, not fall foul of the increasing awfulness that is packaged food (AKA ready meals), or want to get away from the fast food way of living, then Jamie will set you on the right path.

6. Clean and Delicious

Clean and Delicious

Clean and Delicious is the perfect channel for busy mom’s on the go, who want to a) make sure the kids get tasty, nutritious food that they actually want to eat and b) understand how to combine a crazy busy lifestyle (yes, that’s yours) with eating well for energy and a good weight.

The concept of ‘eating clean’ is demystified and brought into easy to understand terms. And surprisingly, once you get the hang of it – it’s really simple to do. The number 1 channel today for the 21st century parent…

7. The Diet Kitchen

The Diet Kitchen

The Diet Kitchen changed to being wholly vegan in 2016. But they’ve left plenty of advice and recipes in place for the meat eaters out there. So just because you’re not a vegan fan, doesn’t mean there’s not loads to learn on here.

Discover how eating vegan doesn’t mean giving up on taste, quality, or ‘to-die-for’ desserts, cookies, and snacks. Because done right, a vegan diet has massive advantages – from health to weight loss. After all, there has to be a reason so many folks are looking to change their ways to that of the vegan…

8. Nic’s Nutrition

Nic’s Nutrition

UK nutritionist, Nichola Ludlam-Raine, has a massive following on her Nic’s Nutrition channel. She’s an expert in weight loss, maternal obesity, and diabetes. So if you’re looking for any advice on those, then she really does know her stuff.

In fact, for anyone looking for ways to ward off the likelihood of ever becoming obese or diabetic, then this is jam packed with all sorts of amazing nutritional advice.

9. Sweet Potato Soul

Sweet Potato Soul

If you love southern inspired dishes, then you’re gonna love Sweet Potato Soul. This is vegan cooking at its best – with a delightful twist. More videos are added o a weekly basis, and cover everything you need to know to successfully follow such a diet.

From school lunch ideas to sticky desserts, being a vegan needn’t be a chore any more – in fact, it can be a truly culinary delight…!

10. High Carb Hannah

High Carb Hannah

Contrary to popular belief, not all carbs are bad. Discover how High Carb Hannah managed to lose over 70 pounds on her high carb diet. Spoiler alert! – not all carbs are made equal – it all depends on the ones you choose.

If you’re looking for nutritional advice on how to drop those extra pounds – easily, and without feeling hungry – then this gal certainly has the Intel you need to know…