Top 9 Successful Entrepreneurs To Follow On Snapchat

Snapchat might not be the first online medium you think of to get great entrepreneurial advice. But right now, this is the slam-dunkin’ most up to the minute place to head to right now to follow some of the world’s best go-getters out there.

So check out this list of 9 awesome entrepreneurs that on Snapchat right now…

1. Justin Kan

Justin Kan

Uber-successful Internet entrepreneur, Justin Kan, is perhaps the epitome of a guy who spots how to utilize a growing trend and capitalize from it. Founder of Twitch – a company that Amazon purchased from him for a cool $970 million bucks, he offers great advice on how to start up your own company, make Snapchat pitches, growth strategies, and more…

2. Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca

Billionaire, Chris Sacca, has been cited by the Wall Street Journal as ‘possibly the most influential businessmen in America’. And when you look at his resume, you can’t fail to agree.

The former Silicon Valley lawyer turned venture investor (he invested in Twitter, Uber, and Instagram) sure seems to get it right. And this pearls of wisdom he shares on Snapchat are worth their weight in gold, that’s for sure.

3. Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown

We love Morgan, and he’s perhaps the most prolific ‘Snapchatter’ on this list. This guy is THE veteran of start-ups. So if you’re in this position, then you can gain mucho knowledge from the free advice he offers.

Today the COO at Inman News, he previously helped launch Growth Hackers. Perhaps one of the most straight-up guys out there when it comes to growing your business from the small acorn it starts as, to one that’s truly successful.

4. John Rampton

John Rampton

Serial entrepreneur, John Rampton, is royalty when it comes to embracing the online world. Entrepreneur Magazine put him at number 3 on the list of ‘top 50 online influencers in the world’, and he’s been featured multiple times in such publications as Forbes, Time, ABC News, and Fox News. Follow him on Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

5. Justin Wu

Justin Wu

Wu describes himself as a ‘growth hacker’, and hey – he’s picked an extremely apt title… For anyone who’s starting out on their own personal entreprneurialship path, following him will see you picking up a wealth of tips on such aspects as building your business without spending a fortune (and, even more importantly, using free tools and online methods) is gold dust to the new business owner. In a nutshell, this guy is awesome!

6. Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf

Talia is another person who’s pretty prolific on Snapchat. In a similar vein to Justin Wu, she shares wicked tips about free tools available online to the savvy entrepreneur.

She is truly a master of optimization. And as we all know, SEO is either something you get, or alternatively, the bane of the novice when it comes to getting your website noticed online. But in this tech-savvy world we live in, you NEED to know and understand it. And Talia Wolf’s advice could well provide indispensible.

7. Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis

Calacanis correctly describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, podcaster, and writer. For anyone who’s ito tech in any way, shape, or form, then this guy sure has some stuff to tell you. We also like the fact that in addition to being laser focused on making money, he also cares about the planet as well. Ethics as well as brilliance – what’s not to like?

8. Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck

Angel investor, entrepreneur, and – we have to say – hustler, Gary Vaynerchuck, is also a New York Times bestselling author 4 times over…

Originally from Belarus, Vaynerchuck was one of the very first super-successful entrepreneurs to use Snapchat as a serious outlet. Other’s have merely followed in his hallowed footsteps. This guy knows how to build businesses. And while he may have his critics out there (sour grapes? perhaps?), his success certainly speaks for itself.

9. Everette Taylor

Everette Taylor

Everette Taylor is a marketing exec and serial entrepreneur who’s seen as a real shooting star in the world of Silicon Valley. But don’t believe all you read in the hype, because you can bet your ass he didn’t get there without a huge amount of super-savvy head work and putting in a whole load of hours.

He’s now well known for providing career advice for the milennials, as well as some stonking tips and tricks for those who ache to follow in his footsteps.