Top 7 Brain Training Apps

Are you someone who loves to learn? Maybe you have always wanted to be able to think and make decisions more quickly. Maybe you’re just tired of never being able to remember a person’s name after only two minutes of being introduced to each other. If you want to train your brain to be better at many different skills sets at the same time, your phone is actually the perfect place to begin.

Training your brain doesn’t have to be boring. There are a variety of mobile apps out there that are built specifically for those who want to learn better, focus more efficiently, concentrate and memorize information more effectively. Whether you want to learn a new language, become better at math or improve your logical reasoning skills, here are some of the best brain training apps to get your mind in shape.

1. Fit Brains Trainer


The Fit Brains Trainer app is designed for those who want to learn and improve their memory and concentration in a goal oriented setting. The app offers over 300 different games that focus on testing how well you can remember things and how well you can concentrate. The games get harder the more you build up your skills. You can also use the app to track your progress in certain mental areas and compare your stats to other users who are the same age and gender as you are. The app is available for both IOS and Android mobile devices.

2. Lumosity


Lumosity lets you choose the cognitive skills you want to strengthen when you sign up for an account. From the choices you make, the app creates a custom set of games and exercises for you to complete daily in order to develop the particular areas of cognition you originally specified you want to improve upon. The app adjusts the difficulty level of those games as you become more skilled so that you are continuously challenging yourself. It also helps you keep track of your scores and progress so you have more motivation to improve as you continue to use the app’s features.

3. Duolingo


What better way to train your brain to process more new information than to persuade it to begin learning a new, unfamiliar language? Duolingo is a language learning focused app that anyone, young or old, can use to begin learning the basics of European languages such as Spanish, French and Italian. The app offers a variety of games that teach grammar, pronunciation, listening, word identification and more. It is never too late to begin learning a language, and the games are short, which means you can quickly spend a few minutes quizzing yourself while moving from place to place or before switching to a new task.

4. NeuroNation


NeuroNation is a brain training app that caters to your individualized brain exercise and improvement needs. When you sign up for a free account after downloading the app, you are assessed on where you are and from there can set specific goals to decide how exactly you want to work on improving certain mental skills like memory and logical reasoning. You are able to access a variety of activities and exercises that train you to think critically and strengthen your brain power. More features unlock with in-app purchases, and premium users can take specific courses within the app that help them further their brain training abilities.

5. Elevate


Elevate is an excellent app for training your brain in areas such as comprehension and memory, but probably what it is best known for is its specific focus on training in math and language skills. This can be helpful for anyone who regularly struggles with numbers and values of any kind, even adults. The app’s tracking system measures your progress in different skills and allows you to “advance” to new levels when you have achieved a certain amount of skill. This is a way of motivating you to keep learning even when the exercises become more challenging.

6. Eidetic


For those who love using flashcards to learn new things, Eidetic is the ideal brain training app. Unlike other apps that might focus on a variety of different brain functions, this one focuses on memory. Flash cards help train your brain to remember things and exercise that part of your brain by completing a variety of exercises and challenges. The app gives users a lot of control over their brain training, allowing them to choose whether they want to practice weekly or daily. The app also allows you to enter your own information onto virtual flashcards, so it can be used to train your memory and store any information you want.

7. Peak


Just like forming a new habit, beginning to train your brain should come in small doses on a consistent basis, most likely every single day. This is one of the major benefit of Peak. This brain training app, available for both Android and IOS mobile devices, gives users a daily set of goals and mini games to engage and train their brains seven days per week. The app tests and aims to improve more than focus and concentration. It also refines your problem solving and language skills. You will be able to develop a variety of skills by using this app.

Regardless of your mental strengths and weaknesses, using brain training apps is a convenient and relatively easy way to strengthen your brain, help you think more critically in the real world and even quiz yourself on topics that actually interest you. It turns out that, even as an adult, learning can and should be fun.

These apps are free to download, and you only have to pay if you want any kind of premium content and training materials. There are so many different activities and areas to focus on that you don’t even have to settle for just one app. Each one offers something a little different, so try them all and keep the ones that really help you boost your brain.