Top 7 Best Minimalism Blogs

When was the last time you actually looked around and considered all the things you own that you don’t actually need? There is more of it around you than you think. You may not even realize how much it is distracting you and negatively impacting your life and happiness. And it’s not even just about the things you own, but the weight you carry around in the form of negative relationships, unnecessary commitments and more.

Minimalism is the concept of “de-cluttering” – getting rid of the things you don’t need to make more room for the things that truly matter to you and your life.

Do you want to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle? There is no better way to learn than to let those who have succeeded show you how it is done. These top minimalism blogs can help you completely transform your life for the better. Get rid of physical and emotional clutter, relax, take a deep breath and learn to live in the present no matter what.

1. Becoming Minimalist


Becoming Minimalist is one of the most well known minimalist blogs out there today. It started out as a family’s reflections on removing unessential items from their household and reflections on how this completely transformed their lives. It shows readers how getting rid of stuff you don’t need, as well as changing the way you spend money, can turn your cluttered, unfulfilling life into something new and completely worthwhile. This blog is filled with helpful tips and examples, and it is the perfect regular read for anyone who has a habit of spending their hard earned money on things that really have no value to them in the long term.

2. Mindful


How much of your day do you spend worrying about things that have happened in the past, or things that have not even happened yet? One aspect of minimalism you might not even know about is that of living in the moment – learning to be present and remain emotionally and physically in control no matter what may be going on around you. This is what the Mindful blog focuses on. It teaches its readers how to use mindfulness to make decisions, ease stress, form and maintain relationships and how to take care of yourself both in body and in mind. If your emotions and psyche need a little de-cluttering, this is the blog you need to read.

3. Tiny House Talk


Sometimes the best way to learn how to live a minimalist lifestyle is to downsize and simplify the space you call home. Tiny House Talk started as one man’s journey from big fancy house to small simple apartment, offering its blog readers tips on how to live more simply in a culture obsessed with having as many “things” as possible. With less space to occupy your clutter, you will find minimalism to be an easy and refreshing change to improve yourself as well as your life.

4. Zen Habits


Minimalism takes some effort and getting used to, but it doesn’t just improve your surroundings and lift weight off your shoulders. It helps you improve a multitude of areas in your life, everything from your physical health to your productivity, stress management, relationships and more. Zen Habits is the perfect blog to visit if you want to completely turn your life around, or even if there is just one aspect of your life you feel you have lost control over. This blog offers tips and inspiration in all of these areas, making it one of the most versatile minimalist blogs you will find online.

5. The Minimalists


There is no denying it: we are living in a culture driven by the physical things we own. We judge ourselves and each other by the quality of our homes as well as what we have stuffed inside them. The Minimalists is a blog that doesn’t shy away from criticizing this way of living. It does so in a way that makes you realize how dependent you are on your personal items, though. Do you really need two TVs? And a DVD player? The Minimalists will help you get rid of the things you don’t need and appreciate the valuable things that mean the world to you. What makes this blog unique from all the others is its humorous writing style. Learn to live more simply and have a few good laughs at the same time as you read.

6. Practising Simplicity


What area of your life needs simplifying? Your home? Your cooking? What about your relationships with family and friends? Practicing Simplicity is a mindfulness blog that offers tips on all these topics and much more. Learn to live in a physical and emotional environment free of distractions and negative energy and stress. Learn how to take care of your body without having to fuss over the best products and accessories. No matter which part of your life you are struggling to de-clutter, whether physically or emotionally, you can count on this blog to help you find your way to minimalism.

7. The Mindfulness Project


Simplifying and de-cluttering your life isn’t just about getting rid of all the extra “stuff” you have in your house. Minimalism is also about removing the unnecessary complications and clutter from your life as a whole. That includes things like stress, emotional baggage and more. The Mindfulness Project’s blog features tips on dealing with the stressors and mental roadblocks in your life through methods such as mindfulness and meditation. It’s a more abstract take on minimalism, but often it’s the attachment you have to objects, not the objects themselves, that needs dissolving.

Minimalism will free you from the physical and mental obstacles that are preventing you from living the most fulfilling life you could ever hope to live. If you aren’t sure of where to begin de-cluttering your life, these blogs and many more can help you start your journey off on the right foot. It’s worth giving up things you don’t need. You never know until you try.