Top 5 Best Meditation Pillows

Meditation is perhaps one of the most powerful practices for both soothing stress levels and helping us be the most productive person we can be. Of course, being comfortable when you meditate is vital. So to aid this, here are 5 of the very best meditation pillows out there to buy.

1. Brentwood Home Crystal Meditation Pillow

Brentwood Homae Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow Cushion

The Brentwood Home Crystal Meditation Pillow is not only super comfy, but it looks pretty stylish too! Measuring 18” x 13” x 6”, it’s just the right size, with enough thickness to keep your tender posterior well padded…

A luxurious grey color, it also comes with its own integrated carry handle making it easy to move around with you. We love the fact that it’s made in California – yay! Support home-grown products…

The interior buckwheat fill is contained within a liner, so if and when the time comes to replace it, this is simple to do. And the outer cover is removable, making is easy to keep fresh and clean.

2. Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Cushion

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Cushion

If you’re looking for something bright and zany, then the Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Cushion should definitely be on your short list. It comes in a range of colors, from sun blue through to peacock purple, with a choice of delightful designs to the top.

This is a super thick cushion, making it perfect for anyone who suffers from sitting close to the floor on a regular cushion. In fact, for anyone who meditates, this is a great cushion to relieve any joint stresses and to properly support your spine. It also has an integrated carry handle.

The cushion cover is made of cotton and is easily removable for washing purposes. The core of the pillow is buckwheat hulls, giving the right pliability and firmness needed for comfortable seating. Again, the buckwheat is sealed in a pouch for easy removal.

This cushion comes in 2 sizes – either 13” x 13” or the larger 16” x 16”. It’s available in all colors and all designs in either size.

3. My Zen Home Dhyana Mediation Cushion

My Zen Home Dhyana Mediation Cushion

The My Zen Home Dhyana Meditation Cushion is a folded cushion made from 100% organic materials. Based on traditional Thai colors and patterns, this is a slightly different shape than the 2 cushions above, measuring 21” x 26” x 4” – and can, as mentioned, be folded to the required shape and thickness.

It’s a really durable cushion – it’ll last you a lifetime. And, importantly, it’s easy to clean. The cushion comes in a variety of colors, including aqua, sage, black/red, blue/black, brown/burgundy, and sage/brown.

For anyone who’s looking for slightly bigger cushion, and not one in the traditional circular shape, then this really is a great option.

4. Large Mandala Floor Cushion

Large Mandala Floor Cushion

If you’re looking for a good quality, budget option, then the Large Mandala Floor Cushion could well be what you need. It’s circular in shape, and measures approx. 32” in diameter, so is a good size.

This is a real fun cushion, with a wonderfully happy design (if a design can be described as happy, but that’s how it made us feel…), and a choice of colors, from rich reds, to sky blues, to luxurious combinations of colors.

You can simply purchase the cushion cover, if that’s what you require, or you can buy it with the filler. You can easily insert or remove the filler using the zipper enclosure on the back.

A great choice and good quality for an entry-level meditation cushion.

5. Awaken Crescent Zafu and Zabuton Set

Awaken Crescent Zafu and Zabuton Set

So, if you’re looking for a luxury meditation cushion, then the Awaken Crescent Zafu and Zubuton Set could be the one. A delightful royal purple color, this natural cotton and buckwheat filled cushion is super-comfy and looks super-stylish as well.

It’s a great size, measuring 33” by 33”, and at 4” thick is more than suitable for stabilizing and cushioning your joints, spine, and tailbone.

The cushion comes with it’s own carry strap, making it easy to move around. It’s really high quality, with a zippered inner, double reinforced outer layers, and can be machine washed and simply hung out to dry.

Awaken Meditation, the makers of this cushion, receive a stream of great reviews from happy purchasers. This is truly the king of meditation cushions, and well worth every cent!