Top 10 Self Help Books

Looking for a self-help book that isn’t on the usual ‘lists’? Then check out our alternative choices that you might not, at first, consider to be such books.

1. The Chairs Are Where The People Go – Misha Glouberman

The Chairs Are Where The People Go

The Chairs Are Where The People Go is a collection of hilarious, yet philosophical essays that will speak to you in ways you might not have thought of before. This endearing book covers topics as far apart as conflict in the Middle East and what spam filters tell us about the world today… It’s a truly thoughtful commentary on life in the 21st century – and deeply thought provoking

2. Miss Lonelyhearts – Nathanael West

Miss Lonelyhearts

First published back in 1933, Miss Lonelyhearts might seem an odd book to be on a self-help book list. But actually, this black, and at first seemingly depressing novel, is perhaps more in tune with the 21st century than many other books out there today, you’ll discover how the shining light of hope can show up in the blackest of places. Truly a book that’ll have you appraising your own life…

3. My Life In Agony – Irma Kurtz

My Life In Agony

My Life In Agony is the memoirs of Cosmo agony aunt, Irma Kurtz. Reading about how this woman has touched the life of many in situations that range from heart wrenching to bizarre is strangely cathartic. It also covers how over the past four decades the problems that we face have mutated and evolved. This is certainly one that’ll make you see life from a different perspective.

4. Success Is An Exaggeration – Deb Dutta

Success Is An Exaggeration

A little more of a traditional self help book, Success Is An Exaggeration offers an alternative view on how you can reach your goals, and conquer those trials and tribulations along the way. Whether you’re looking for personal success or professional, Dutta’s book that’s set out in a series of easy to digest essays is a great one to read and absorb.

5. Coming Up For Air – Beth Sawi

Coming Up For Air

If you want to understand how to get a decent work-life balance, then Coming Up For Air really is a ‘breath of fresh air’. In the crazy world we live in we’re probably all guilty of giving our all to work and letting our home life suffer. After all, it’s expected of us, isn’t it?

Actually, according to Sawi, no it’s not. And you CAN give the time and effort you need at work without sacrificing the quality of your personal life. This is certainly a message many of us need to take note of. After all, no-one gets to their deathbed and says, ‘I wish I’d spent more time at work!’

6. Prince Charming Isn’t Coming – Barbara Stanny

Prince Charming Isn’t Coming

Prince Charming Isn’t Coming is aimed at showing women how to take control of their own finances. Perhaps you think this is a bit archaic in the equality of the sexes world we live in today. But guess what? There are a million and one females out there who don’t know how to successfully manage their money. And even if you think you do, it can never hurt to discover if there’s ways to make your hard earned dollars go even further…

7. Light Is The New Black – Rebecca Campbell

Light Is The New Black

Another book aimed at women (although we do think that it’ll appeal to some guys as well), Light Is The New Black is a bit ‘out there’, but if you’re a deeply spiritual person, then the concept might well appeal. Discover how to reconnect with your core being and discover your place in the universe to become truly happy and successful. This is one book that might well surprise you…

8. Letting Go: The Pathway Of Surrender – David Hawkins

Letting Go The Pathway Of Surrender

Letting Go is all about how to set yourself free from negativity, free yourself from obstacles, and find your path to enlightenment. Originally written to help those who work in the field of mental health and psychology, it’s now available to all of us, and is an excellent guide into how we can all practise the art of ‘surrender’ to get rid of the blocks that prevent us achieving our true path to happiness.

9. Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting – Lynn Grabhorn

Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting

Many of us are guilty of getting so wrapped up in every day life that we fail to appreciate how we are actually feeling and coping. Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting is all about getting your life back onto the track you want it to follow. And Grabhorn explains in simple, easy to understand terms, exactly how we can do this.

This isn’t a book that features on many self-help lists, but actually, it really does deserve to.

10. E Cubed – Pam Grout

E Cubed

E Cubed is all about finding you how you can make the Power of the Universe and Law of Attraction work for you (instead of against you). Fun and simple, it comprises of 9 experiments that you carry out to discover how thoughts really can create reality.

If you’ve read the bestseller, The Secret, and want to discover more, then this is the book for you.