Suze Orman Interview – 3 Quick Questions with America’s Most Trusted Personal Finance Expert

Suze Orman is an incredibly successful author, financial advisor, motivational speaker, and television host. Her program, The Suze Orman Show, began airing in 2002 and has inspired and motivated millions of people ever since.

In addition to her speaking and TV engagements, she’s written several bestselling books on personal finance and runs a website designed around the concept of helping average people become masters of their own financial domain.

Why do you think that TV and videos have proven to be such a great fit for you?

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I am someone who is very passionate about educating the world on being powerful with his or her money.  In a visual format that passion comes alive in a very tangible way.  To really transform ones desire to be more and therefore have more one has to be motivated by seeing the truth, hearing the truth, and feeling the truth.  TV is the perfect format for that kind of message to be delivered.

How did you develop your incredible skill in forging connections such that people feel comfortable sharing so much about their lives with you (and with your audiences)?

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I am simply myself all the time.  I do not work from notes, teleprompter scripts or anything written.  So when I get up in front of people and just tell it like it is from my heart and soul then people want to do the same back with me.  Trust creates trust.  Intimacy creates intimacy.

Based on the most common questions that people tend to ask you, can you share your top three pieces of advice for individuals who want to improve their personal financial outlook?

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1. Live below your means but within your needs

2. Only buy needs verses wants

3. Get as much pleasure out of saving as you do spending