Stephan Labossiere Interview – Certified Life & Relationship Coach

Stephan Labossiere is a certified relationship coach, speaker, and author who has helped men and women overcome relationship challenges for years. His mission in life and business is to make relationships happier and more fulfilling.

Trough his website,, he reaches people across the world, helping them understand the opposite sex, navigate relationships, and avoid pitfalls that hinder self-growth. He has appeared in and been chronicled by media outlets across the globe, including ABC, GQ, Huffington Post, and many more. Stephan’s wisdom has become synonymous with breaking down barriers and getting at the truth of relationships.

Stephen Speaks website

How did you know that relationship coaching was the right career path for you?

I knew because all of my life people would come to me for advice. They would open up to me in ways that they wouldn’t with anyone else. With those experiences it also allowed me to see how many people are truly hurting in silence.

So for me coaching is my purpose which I truly began to fully understand as I embraced my relationship with God and used prayer to guide me.

Why do you think that both singles and couples are fans of your work?

I believe they’re fans because I’m honest, genuine, and know how to break things down to them in a way that they can better understand.

My energy helps build trust and through my work they know I am knowledgeable in my field.

When it comes to seeking out a relationship coach, do you find that many people specifically want to work with a man or a woman? Do you personally see any important differences or unique areas of specialty between men and women working in your field?

I haven’t really noticed a specific preference. I think it depends on what they want to accomplish and who connects with them.

I know for a lot of women who come for relationship coaching, a man is typically preferred. However, I think both men and women coaches can be effective in any area of coaching.

What are some common myths about dating and relationships that you often notice are limiting people’s happiness?

One myth is that men don’t want a relationship. So many women buy into this and essentially set themselves up for failure.

Another is that women only want “bad boys”. It’s a very misunderstood issue and leads to a lot of dysfunction with dating and relationships.

When you meet someone who is feeling frustrated and ready to give up (or who has given up) on dating, what’s your advice?

I show them that dating and love is not the issue. It was who they entertained, why they entertained them, and their overall approach it.

These are all factors that can be easily changed and once they are, greater results can be experienced.