Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Sadly, many relationships come to an end. However, actually accepting that can be a challenge – especially if you don’t want it to finish.

But when that time is nigh, the clues are usually right in front of your eyes – even if you don’t want to see them. If some (or all) of the following apply to yours, then perhaps it really is time to call it a day…

1. You’re bored

You’re bored

At the beginning it’s all so exciting. You go out and do stuff – and even simple things like watching a movie on the sofa together is fun. But now? Are you spending more time in front of the TV than doing stuff together. Or perhaps it’s more fun to go out with your best buds than to spend time with him/her? If this is the case, then warning bells should be ringing…

2. You’re failing to communicate

You’re failing to communicate

Communication is essential within a relationship. If one (or both) of you are failing to talk about stuff that bothers you, then this is a huge message that the person has already emotionally checked out of the partnership.

3. You avoid making plans for the future

You avoid making plans for the future

Why is that? Because most likely, it’s because unconsciously you’ve already decided that there is no future! And if that’s the case, then you know what to do…

4. You pick silly fights

You pick silly fights

Or perhaps they’re not so silly. Because if you choose to fight over the small stuff, it makes it easy to escalate it to the big stuff. And actually, whilst fighting (in real moderation) can in some cases be positive, fighting constantly is generally destructive for any relationship.

5. Point scoring?

Point scoring

Constantly ‘scoring points’ against your significant other literally drives another wedge between you each and every time. It’s horrible when it’s done to you (yes, you know it), so doing it to them when you know what it does – even subconsciously – is a huge message that the two of your are on the way out.

On the flip side, if you feel that your OH is constantly point scoring against you, then this should be a massive warning sign that he or she may well be on the downhill side of the relationship.

6. Your daydreams are better than reality

Your daydreams are better than reality

Are you constantly dreaming about meeting someone else? Or someone else in particular? OK, we all have the odd fantasy, but when this becomes more exciting than your reality – and on a constant basis – then this should set another alarm bell ringing.

7. Your other half has cheated

Your other half has cheated

Now, some people can come back from this. But in all reality, they’re pretty special folks, and the relationship will always be on a different footing thereafter. If this is your situation, then you need to think long and hard about whether you can honestly live with knowing they’ve betrayed you.

8. You love them – but don’t like them anymore

You love them – but don’t like them anymore

Love and like. Like and love. They might sound similar, but until you’ve experienced loving someone without actually liking them, it’s hard to understand what the difference. Sure, you can love someone in a way that you don’t want anything bad to happen to them, but if you don’t actually LIKE them because of one or many reasons, then – it’s sad to say – the relationship is doomed

9. You avoid getting intimate

You avoid getting intimate

Hmmm, why is that? Bing Bing! If you don’t want to get down and dirty with your partner any more, then do you really want to waste any more of your life on them…?

10. You don’t laugh together anymore

You don’t laugh together anymore

Laughter is essential for any relationship to thrive. Here’s betting that when you first got together you never stopped. And whilst serious stuff gets in the way – of course – it still needs to occur on a regular basis. After all, those belly laughs show that the two of you still function on the same wavelength.

Dr Phil has put together a great relationship quiz to check out the status of your relationship.