Why Is Self Esteem Important

Having self esteem is vitally important for all of us. It can mean the difference between failure and success, affects your confidence, self image, self value, and can affect the way you view the world. Ultimately, your self esteem affects your happiness.

Your self esteem is directly related to your achievements

Your self esteem is directly related to your achievements

How you feel about yourself, and your level of confidence, has a massive impact on what you can achieve. Now, we’re not talking about feeling apprehensive about taking on a project, or feeling nervous before a big event – because these are only natural.

What we’re talking about is when you truly have no faith in your own ability to achieve what it is your working towards. Suffering from low self esteem makes you far more vulnerable to criticism from others – even if it’s given in a positive manner. Because when you don’t believe in yourself, even the slightest critic from another source only further causes you to believe that you’re doomed to failure.

What exactly does your self esteem affect?

What exactly does your self esteem affect

How you feel about yourself has a direct impact on all of the following:

  • Your emotions: Low self esteem perpetuates low emotions. For example, thoughts of ‘not being worth it’, or that failure is bound to occur, so why bother trying.
  • Your way of thinking: Those with low self esteem will have profoundly more negative thoughts than those with healthy levels.
  • Your desires: Because if you never succeed in what you try to do, then you automatically protect yourself from failure by setting your sights lower.
  • Your values: Suffering from low self esteem can have a profound effect on your values. What once seemed important may no longer do so, and your values and morals can therefor become lessened and/or more negative.

How does high self esteem have a positive effect on your life?

How does high self esteem have a positive effect on your life

A healthy level of self esteem has the following effects:

  • A belief of being worthy: Not only of respect by others, but that you deserve to be happy
  • A coping mechanism: So even if you make a mistake that you can learn from it, hold your head high, and continue towards your goals.
  • Less self-comparison: Those who suffer from low self esteem tend to constantly compare themselves to others. This can be healthy, if done in a positive manner. But if you constantly see yourself as less worthy than others, this has a truly negative effect. Those with good levels of self esteem compare themselves far less to others. And when they do, it’s in an ‘aspire to be like them’ manner, rather than a negative way.
  • You enjoy challenges: Not only enjoy them, but can handle constructive criticism and use it to further reach towards your goals.
  • You have a reason for living: Good self esteem means that, in general, you enjoy life. Sure, we all have ups and downs, but a good level of health esteem will mean that you can cope with the downs and truly enjoy the good times.
  • A healthy level of mental health: Your self esteem has a massive effect on your mental health. Low self esteem can cause many things, such as depressions, anxiety, unhealthy stress levels, and even physically poor health.

As you can see, your self esteem impacts on every part of your life. You owe it to yourself to work on having a healthy level. And if you think you’re is low, then perhaps seeking professional help will be the first step to improving yours.