Root Chakra Meditation

It seems that wherever you look at the moment, someone is mentioning the word, ‘mindfulness’ – and this is often followed very quickly by the word, ‘meditation’, – and in particular, ‘Root Chakra Meditation’.

Now, even with quite a detailed Google search, it can be a little challenging to discover exactly what this is. But never fear, because we’ve put together an easy to understand guide about Root Chakra Meditation, and the benefits that those who practice it can achieve.

What exactly is it?

Root Chakra Meditation is about allowing the body to work in harmony. The essence of how the body works as a dynamic entity comes from the flow of energy in and out of our ‘chakras’. These are sources in the body, of which the Root Chakra is the most fundamental.

If the Root Chakra is blocked, the rest of the body cannot function at an optimum level. This affects both both the physical and mental aspects of health.

So what’s a Chakra?

So what’s a Chakra

The chakras (of which there are seven), and the Root Chakra in particular, are the foundations of the body. These are located in various points around the body, and the Root Chakra is at the very base of your spine. You can think of it as being the foundation of a building, upon which everything else rests. If the Root Chakra is not in good health, it has an ongoing effect on everything else around it.

OK – what else do I need to know?

If your chakras are blocked, then this has an effect on your relationship with both the physical necessities of life (such as food, water, shelter) and the fundamental psychological aspects (like trust, comfort, acceptance).

The Root Chakra can become blocked, leading to under-activity or over-activity. Both of these have a profound effect on every aspect of your life. This can include health issues, or having a problem with discovering your own personal place in the world.

How can my chakras become damaged?

This can happen in many ways. Childhood events or trauma are a common way that your Root Chakra can become out of balance. But events in later life can also throw it out of kilter.

What problems can a blocked Root Chakra cause?

Because of the location of the Root Chakra, if it’s damaged it can cause problems with the digestive system, bowel disorders, urinary issues, and all kinds of muscular problems in the hips and legs.

Mentally it can manifest in issues such as depression, anxiety, and paranoia, to name just a few.

You mentioned under-active and over-active. How can I tell which mine is?

under-active Root Chakra

An under-active Root Chakra can manifest in the following ways:

  • Difficulty in interacting with other people and your surroundings

  • Feeling a lack of connection with the world around you

  • Lack of energy

  • Lack of motivation

  • A ‘disconnection’ from your own body

And an over-active Root Chakra in the following manners:

  • Aggression and anger

  • Being overly materialistic

  • Feeling the need for power

  • Exerting their superiority over others

  • Promiscuity

Both under and over activity can manifest in physical problems as mentioned above.

OK – so how do you actually practice Root Chakra Meditation?

The actual process is carried out by using breathing exercises, mantras, and affirmations. An Affirmation are basically statements that you repeat to yourself whilst practicing the art that help you feel at peace and trusting the moment. These might include phrases such as the following:

  • I am at peace with the people and world around me

  • I am at one with the world

  • The world around me is a safe place

So I want to learn more about Root Chakra Meditation. Where can I find this?

The following are some good websites and institutions where you can get more in-depth information about the art.

The Chopra Center

Chakras Info

The World is All Yours