I Need Motivation To Lose Weight – Help

Let’s face it. Losing weight is hard! And it doesn’t matter what anyone tells you, if you’re not motivated to do it, ditching those excess pounds can be nigh on impossible.

So, you need to lose weight. You know you need to do it, be it for aesthetic reasons, your health, or a combination of both. But you simply can’t get motivated – either to start or to continue past those first few awful days.

Well, the following are ways that maybe, just maybe, will help you get motivated to start treading the rocky road towards your target weight.

These probably won’t be the usual weight loss tips and tricks you see all over the Internet. This is for those who want a ‘tough love’ motivational kick up the ass to drop the lard. Because hey, if you’re scouring the Internet to find motivation, you’re not actually doing anything that’ll start you on your weight loss journey.

You’ve been warned….

1. Take a picture of you in your bathing costume

Yep – in all your fat glory! And put it somewhere where you’ll look at it – often! If you’re the type that reaches for the cookie jar, stick it in there. If wine’s your downfall, stick it to the bottle.

2. Learn the real facts of the foods you eat

Learn the real facts of the foods you eat

Because here’s betting that you’ve been buying into the ‘diet myths’ that so many believe are true. And, for once, this probably isn’t your fault. Because make no bones about it, the ‘diet industry’ is just that – and is worth billions of dollars per year. The only way this industry makes money is by you staying fat. Because once you’re a healthy weight, then you won’t spend money on the products that you believe will help you ditch the pounds.

  • Learn the real truth about artificial sweeteners. Because there’s growing evidence that not only do they cause as much harm to the body as sugar, but that they can actually cause the body to hold onto fat, making it almost impossible for the body cells to release the fat within to convert to energy.
  • Discover why ready meals are so bad – even those diet ones. They’re packed with chemicals, hidden salts and sugars, and – let’s be honest – those weight watcher meals don’t go even halfway to making you feel full.
  • Forget diet drinks. Yep, Diet Coke, and all those ‘no added sugar’ drinks that you think are healthy… Uh uh – it’s all a con. Because they’re packed with artificial sweeteners that cause the body to expect a sugar rush that ultimately doesn’t appear. This then causes the body to be unable to deal with the sugar that we do consume. The blood sugar level rises and this leads to weight gain. In addition, many people then compensate for the fact they’ve had a ‘diet drink’, by reaching for some candy or a cookie. Hardly a way to instigate weight loss…

3. Forget the gym

Forget the gym

Because, really! The gym is an awful place. Especially if you’re fat. Because it’s full of folk with ‘oh so perfect’ bodies. And this is truly intimidating as you wobble your way on the treadmill road to nowhere, red faced and puffing before you’ve even got to 5 minutes!

Let’s face it. Do you really want some young, slim, lithe whipper snapper of a kid telling you what you need to do to lose weight? No, you don’t…

So, top tip here. Forget spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on a gym membership that not only makes you feel bad, but that in all reality you’ll probably not use. Instead, simply get your butt outside and go for a walk. Yes – GO FOR A WALK!

Now, this is a truly un-American thing to do. Because we’ve all been conditioned to use our cars – even to nip 500 yards to the grocery store. But what you need to do is to break this habit, and get used to using your legs for what they’re intended to do – walking.

You don’t need to set yourself a punishing schedule. At first, try to go for a 10-minute walk per day. Walk at a brisk pace – enough to get you slightly out of breath but not so much that you can’t talk. And no excuses – even if it’s raining or snowing, simply wrap up and get out there. Believe it or not, once you get used to making this a part of your daily routine, you’ll reap not only weight loss benefits, but the additional mental health benefits of being outside on a regular basis.

4. Don’t weigh yourself

Don’t weigh yourself

Climbing on the scales every day, bemoaning the fact that you’ve not lost a single pound (or even put some on!), certainly won’t motivate you. Instead, allow yourself to weigh in only once a month.

You’ll know when you’re losing weight, because your clothes will feel a little looser, you’ll look in the mirror and see a little less wobble, and you’ll have more energy as well.

5. Don’t ban any foodstuffs

Don’t ban any foodstuffs

The quickest way to make yourself reach for the candy is to tell yourself you can never eat it again. So allow yourself the odd ‘cheat’ day (maybe two or three times a month), to eat whatever you want. And more importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you have a lapse one day, and order a pizza when you’re out with friends, or sink too many of those calorific cocktails…

Just because you fall off the healthy eating stool for a day doesn’t mean that you should give up completely. Just chalk it up to experience and carry on as you were – because eventually, if you eat sensible and exercise moderately, the weight WILL slowly fall off.

It’s hard, we know. But when has anything worthwhile ever been easy? Here’s wishing you the best of luck.