Make Your Own Happiness One Step at a Time

Are you happy? If not, what is it in your life that is making you unhappy? On the other hand, what is something you can do to make your own happiness in your life right now without wasting any more time being sad or stifled?

True happiness is achieved one small step at a time. Here are a few things you can do this season to create a happy life for yourself no matter what might be going on in your life and the lives of those around you right now.

Engage in small activities that bring you joy


Even if you do enjoy your job for the most part, you just can’t work seven days a week without a break and expect to stay happy. You can not fill your life only with chores and responsibilities. While these things may be important as well as necessary, you need additional activities in your life that do make you happy.

Dare to discover the small things in your life that make you happy. These can be things like exercising, ending the day with a few episodes of your favorite TV show, a bubble bath – anything that reduces stress and takes time away from work and chores. It’s often the little things that make us the happiest. You don’t necessarily have to have a job you absolutely love going to. Focus on the things you have to look forward to when you come home at the end of the day.

Spend time with people who build you up …


The people in your life play a large role in your mental and emotional health. While it is important to create happiness within yourself, it also helps to surround yourself with people who you enjoy spending time with, who want to help and support you and who are generally positive and inspirational in their own way.

Sometimes a simple coffee date with your best friend once or twice a week can be all you need to stay happy despite the stress and anxiety you may be experiencing in your life. Spending time with people who lift you up and make you feel good about yourself can really help you to live a happier life.

… and stay away from people who tear you down

Person with Angry Mask

You may not know it, but there could be people in your life who are causing you great unhappiness. What makes this so hard to recognize is that toxic people are often the people closest to us. We become desensitized to their negativity and convince ourselves we do not have to turn our backs on them. It may not always be possible to completely cut people out of our lives, but it is important to make an effort to do so – if you truly want to be happy, that is.

Start removing toxic people from your life. You do not need people around who only criticize you and tell you how they think you should be living your life. These are not the people that will bring you happiness or allow you to freely do the things you want to do. They may be your friends or even your family, but it might be best to let them know that you do not feel your relationship with them is healthy. They may not even be aware they are making it more difficult for you. Distance yourself. In time, it is possible that you can reconnect with them. But don’t force it.

Make time for your hobbies …


What is your absolute favorite thing to do? Come up with a solid answer before you continue reading. Speaking of reading, let’s say reading novels in your spare time is the one thing that helps you get through the day. It makes you happy and draws you away from your problems for a little while. Reading is your go-to hobby – when you have even a few minutes of down time, you immediately start reading.

Problem is, you are so busy that you never seem to have enough time to read anymore. Your life is filled with too many stressors that are keeping you away from your beloved books. What do you do? You need to make time for the thing you love to do most. It makes you happy. Whatever your excuse may be for not doing it enough, make it happen anyway. Doing things we enjoy, regardless of how busy we are, is what helps us be happy no matter what else is going on in our lives.

… and let go of the things you do not need


This does not just mean get rid of the material things in and around your home that are literally cluttering your environment. This can be one way you relieve yourself of unnecessary things, but certainly not the only way. You can also rid your life of activities, people and responsibilities you don’t need to keep around. These things may even be causing you physical and emotional stress, which won’t allow you to be happy at all.

It’s time to de-clutter your schedule. There are things you need to keep on your calendar, such as work, appointments, errands and commitments related to your family and friends. However, there are also things you can easily remove from your schedule to make room for relaxing and joyful hobbies. You don’t need to volunteer for everything. Unless you get paid to work overtime, you shouldn’t have to work more hours than your contract says.

If your excuse for not relaxing or avoiding things you enjoy is that you “don’t have time,” you need to make time. Overbooking yourself may seem glamorous on the outside, but it will not make you happy. The exact opposite, actually.

Happiness is something you create yourself. You need to focus only on the things that make you feel good and not worry about other people for the time being. Your feelings are important, and when you put your full attention on improving your happiness, you will see results soon enough.