How To Have A Positive Attitude

Your attitude can have a massive effect on your everyday life.  If it’s negative, then it often seems that the world is against you.  But flip it over to one that’s more positive, and voila!  Good things seem to happen.

The following are ways that you can help your attitude to be as positive as possible.


It might sound daft, but the simple act of plastering a smile on your face – even if you don’t feel like it – can change the way that you view the world.  If you combine this with thinking about something that makes you happy, you trigger your brain to tell your body to release endorphins and the hormone, serotonin.

These are also known as the ‘feel good’ hormones, and will actually make you feel far more positive.  Give it a try – you’ll be amazed at how effective such a simple act can be.

Enjoy the small stuff

Sometimes we get so hung up on the big things in life that we forget to enjoy the smaller, joyful events that happen far more regularly.  Things such as walking in the fresh air, watching a baby laugh, eating your favorite food (or perhaps having a treat, such as a cake or some candy) – you get the idea.  It’s these little events that happen on a regular basis that many of us take for granted, instead of enjoying them for the treats they actually are.

Work out a morning routine

We’re not talking about a military exercise, more a routine that works for you and that puts you in a positive attitude ready to start the day. It’s all too true that if your morning starts badly, then the rest of the day continues in the same vein.  And this is all down to your attitude.

We humans are programmed to be more settled when we follow a routine.  And doing something that’s tried and tested each morning can have a huge effect on your attitude.  The trick is finding out a routine that works for you.  Perhaps the first thing you do is go for a run, followed by coffee and a shower.  Or maybe it’s listening to a favorite radio show while eating breakfast.  It doesn’t matter what the routine is, it’s just important to have one.

Change the way you think

OK, this isn’t as drastic as it sounds.  The key point here is that you learn to swap negative thinking for more positive thinking.  In other words, you need to be aware of when you’re thinking negative thoughts because these lead to a negative attitude.

When you realize that your thoughts are heading down the negative hill, stop them in their tracks and replace them with something more positive.  For example: ‘I’m never going to get that job of my dreams’, could be swapped for ‘OK then, what training or education could I undergo that will make me more attractive to prospective employers in my field?’  You get the picture…

Ditch the victim mentality

Woman Crying Depressed Sad

It’s all too easy to blame life, or other people, (your boss, your mom, the cat…!) for the negative things that happen to you.  But in all reality, life simply isn’t fair – nor is it easy.  And once you stop thinking that you’re ‘owed a living’ and that you have to work to make good things happen, your attitude towards the ‘bad’ things in life will change dramatically.

Simply accepting this as a fact and taking responsibility for your own life is a massive step towards creating the positive attitude you crave for.  You, and only you, are in charge of your life and destiny.  Sure they’ll be bumps along the way.  But if you perceive these as ‘challenges’, rather than negative happenings, this will be a huge game changer to your life.

Stop complaining

Now, we’re not saying that there aren’t times in life when you could and should complain.  But the trick here is to limit these times to when there is genuinely something to complain about.  If you find yourself whining constantly about every little thing, chances are your attitude is pretty negative.

The next time you think about complaining or having a little whine, ask yourself a few poignant questions such as:

  • Is there anything I can do to change this situation?
  • Is the situation of my doing?
  • Is it really something I need to be complaining about?

In most cases, those who quit the complaints and just get on with whatever’s at hand have a far more positive attitude, and thanks to this, are far happier.

Be proactive

You know, you’re truly able to choose whether you have a positive or negative attitude.  By being proactive and telling yourself to be the former, you make a conscious decision to change the way your feel.  Proactive people make good things happen in their life and ride out the bad times.  Reactive people wait for something to happen, and then – in the case of it being something they perceive as negative – are unable to roll with the punches.

Guess which type of person has the happier, more fulfilled life?

Visualize what it is you want.

Man Binoculars Distance Looking

Did you know that one of the ways Nelson Mandela got through his awful time in captivity?  It was because he kept visualizing that he was free.  This kept him from going stir crazy when being held inside his tiny cell.  And you too can use the same tactic to alter your attitude to one that’s more positive.  Simply see yourself having whatever it is you want – reaching a goal, getting that job, passing that exam…  It doesn’t matter what.  You just need to keep reaffirming the mental image of getting to where it is you want to be.

Upload positivity…

… to your brain with the movies you watch, books you read, music you listen to.  In other words, keep firing positive messages into your mind by seeing and hearing information that reinforces the positives in life.  Music with a great tune and uplifting lyrics, a book with a powerful story and happy ending, movies that portray someone overcoming a challenge.  All such things will help you gain a positive attitude.

Forget the bad.  Focus on the good

Sometimes easier said than done, try to focus on all the good things in your life, rather than the opposite.  Think about the nice things people do for you, and that you can do for others.  Realize your good points, rather than focusing on your weaknesses is the key pointer here.

Watch your language

Friends Men Talking Park Bench

Because the words you use can have a huge impact on your attitude.  Constantly saying things like ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’m no good at that’, are really damaging to your self-esteem and attitude towards life.  Rather than saying (or thinking) such things, change these around to such phrases as ‘I can do this’, or ‘I’m going to learn how to do this’.

Little things such as changing the words and phrases you use to more positive ones have a dramatic effect on your attitude.