How to Have a Good Attitude

If you have ever been around someone with a bad attitude, you know how difficult it can be to turn their mood around. Problem is, you don’t always notice when you’re acting the same way around other people. This won’t happen if you have a good attitude all the time, no matter what.

Here are a few things you can do to have a good attitude every day of your life, no matter what comes along to try and stop you from doing so.

Don’t pay attention to people who constantly complain


In your life you are going to constantly encounter people who seem to do only one thing: whine and complain. They seem to take everything personally and almost never have a positive or constructive way to respond to anything. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when you are trying your best to have a better outlook on things.

These chronic complainers could influence your attitude even without you realizing it – and they have no place in defining your mood or how you perceive the world. You may be in ultimate control of your attitude, but you may have experienced how difficult it is to have a good attitude when everyone around you is complaining and being as negative is possible.

Just don’t pay attention to all those complaints. Some people just need to vent their feelings out loud; that is how they cope with things like disappointment, anger, fear and the like. That does not mean you have to respond to it. In fact, not responding to it makes it much more likely they will stop complaining.

Collect positive thoughts or quotes and keep them close


Have you ever been alone and all of a sudden you felt sad for no reason? This can happen to anyone. We spend a lot of time in our own heads, and when we do that for too long, negative thoughts and ideas can start to take over.

When you are working alone or you are just moving throughout your day, sometimes negative thoughts and emotions just sneak up on you. It can be very difficult to look past those things and remain positive despite them. That is why having a good attitude can depend on things like positive affirmations – quotes or sayings that can lift you up whenever you are feeling down or discouraged.

Using positive affirmations can completely change your attitude for the better. They are really just little reminders that despite everything that might be happening to you or the bad thoughts that are going through your mind, everything is still going to be okay no matter what. The sun WILL come out tomorrow, you WILL have a better day, you CAN really get through this.

Be wary of who you interact with on the internet


There are a lot of people out there sitting behind their computer screens looking for ways to stir up heated discussions and cause trouble. They feel they can do this because, in a way, they have a protective shield in front of them that separates them from the consequences of their actions. They would never say the things they say or behave the way they behave in real life – at least, hopefully not.

This is why it often seems like there is so much negativity out there in the world. When someone picks a fight with you in the comments section of an article or criticizes something you say for no reason, it can really make it difficult to have a more positive attitude. That is why you should be mindful of where and how you spend your time online, especially when it comes to who specifically you are interacting with.

Use your presence online to spread positive change. Some people use this privilege for evil; use yours for good. If you maintain social media profiles that are positive, and follow other people who have a positive outlook, you will likely interact with more people who have good attitudes. This helps you have a better attitude as well.

Change your vocabulary


If you have ever paid very close attention to conversation, you may have noticed that the language a person uses to describe the people around them and the situations they encounter can completely change the tone of the moment. The more negativity that is added through vocabulary, the easier it is to pair a negative attitude along with that vocabulary.

The words you use in everyday conversation have a tendency to define your overall outlook on life as well. On a Monday morning, when someone asks you, “How was your weekend?” you are probably automatically inclined to respond with something like, “Oh, it was kind of boring. Uneventful really.” Not only are they affected by that choice of words, but so are you.

Choose to respond positively to questions and conversations going on around you. Your weekend wasn’t boring it was, “pretty good!” That meeting wasn’t completely useless, it was “productive.”

Above all, keep in mind that the only one who controls your attitude is you


No one else can define how you feel or decide how you are going to react to certain situations in your life. That is all completely up to you. If you want to have a good attitude, you need to create one. You need to look for opportunities to spread positivity wherever you go, because being positive makes it easier to feel optimistic even if there are too many things going wrong for you right now.

Other people might choose to be negative and criticize everyone and everything they come across. They might react negatively to every single thing that ever happens to them. But you do not have to have that same bad attitude. Do not follow along with the crowd. Be the most positive person in the room, because having a good attitude is much more likeable and attractive – and influential – than having a bad attitude all the time.

Be positive. It will change your life, and the lives of those around you, too.