Help With Improving Productivity

Need some help with improving productivity? Well look no further, because we’ve created a ‘can do’ list that can be applied to every single life situation: work, home, play…

Read below to find out the easy steps to follow to see your productivity levels go stratospheric!

1. Lose the ‘it’s gotta be perfect’ mentality

Lose the ‘it’s gotta be perfect’ mentality

Many people – and entrepreneurs in particular – see themselves as perfectionists. And while you want to complete a task well, all that drilling down to the tiniest unnecessary detail actually does is prevent you being truly productive.

Instead of doing this, simply give your best to the task in hand to get it completed, and then move on to the next one. This takes some conquering for many, but honestly, you’ve got to learn not to sweat the small stuff. Because, in all reality (and it’s harsh, we know), we’re all judged on our ability to produce – and to produce in a timely manner.

2. Turn off those damn notifications

Turn off those damn notifications

Or hide your cell underneath something so you can’t see the screen light up. And switch it to silent (and that includes vibrate). Oh – and turn off email notifications on your desktop while you’re at it.

We waste sooooo much time with those irresistible little pop ups that tempt us to forgo what we’re doing in order to check something that’s (and it probably won’t be) ‘more important’. Not only does this stop you working on what you’re meant to be, but it makes you lose your momentum as well. So even when you go back to it, it’s going to take time to get back into the swing of things.

Instead, schedule time in your day to check your cell, check your emails, What’s App, voicemail, and all those other messages. And don’t deviate!

3. Go for a run

Go for a run

OK, so if running’s not your thing, then go for a walk. Or a swim, or a cycle, or whatever… Just take breaks to go and do some kind of exercise. It doesn’t have to be for long – even 20 minutes will help. But exercise really does improve productivity – both physically and mentally.

And it’ll help give you a smokin’ body to boot…!

4. Use the commute to your advantage

Use the commute to your advantage

Now this is the time for you to check your email, and all those messages, without interrupting those precious hours you spend ‘actually’ working. Just be sure to plug in your headphones when listening to voicemail. We’ve all been incensed by the idiot who thinks putting his or her phone on speaker on the train or bus is cool. Heads up – it’s not!

5. Take breaks

Take breaks

Because continually slogging away doesn’t make you more productive – it does the opposite. Keeping your brain fresh and active makes for your time being better utilized.

And a break doesn’t have to be long or complicated. Go and have a chat to some colleagues, or phone your Mom. Anything like that’ll do (and you’re Mom will be thrilled to hear from you…).

6. Forget the face-to-face meetings

Forget the face-to-face meetings

Because in all reality, you don’t need them. You can often achieve just as much via Skype, or on the phone. Meetings are (usually – not always) a huge waste of time.

But here’s a top tip. If you really have to have them, hold them standing up. Yep, you got it, with no chairs. You’ll be amazed at how much this cuts down on the time spent actually in the meeting.

7. Multi tasking? It’s a no-no

Multi tasking It’s a no-no

Because trying to do more than one thing at once means that nothing gets your full attention. Commit to competing a single task, and then move on.

8. Set yourself deadlines

Set yourself deadlines

Even if something doesn’t really have to be done until next week, if you set yourself a personal (earlier) deadline, then this can be highly effective at increasing your productivity. The same applies to a task that’s open ended. Self imposed ‘stress’ such as this can be a real booster when it comes to getting stuff done.

9. Make the most of spare minutes

Make the most of spare minutes

Take a look at your ‘to do’ list. (You do have a to do list, don’t you?). If there’s anything on there that can be completed in less than a couple of minutes, then get them done straight away. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing those tasks get ticked off – even if they are only small ones.