How to Create a Vision Board

In your life, you will have many small goals and ambitions you hope and work to accomplish. However, in reality, whether they know it or not, everyone has a much larger mission under which many of these goals and ambitions feed into. There is something important you want to accomplish while you are living. Figuring out what that is, and staying motivated so that you can achieve it, is not easy, but it is worthwhile.

This process of discovering what you want to contribute to the world and how you are going to make your way toward reaching that ambition can be made easier, however, with the creation and use of a vision board. Any visualization tool is designed to help you picture where you want to end up, so you can figure out the steps you need to take in order to get there.

A vision board is one of the most powerful visualization tools you can create for yourself. All it is is a poster board or cork board filled with things that inspire and motivate you to work toward your goals and achieve the kind of life you want. Here is a simple step by step guide to help you create your own vision board.

Step 1: Create a vision statement or mantra


Come up with a short, simple statement or phrase that says exactly what you want to accomplish in both your personal and professional life. For example, you might really be passionate about world travel, and might come up with something like, “Travel to 50 different countries in my lifetime.” It’s short, simple and can include various aspects of your work and social life, anything from education to your job to volunteer work to raising money for charity, and much more.

Step 2: Gather your materials


You will need something to serve as your board and background, either a corkboard style bulletin board or a simple poster board to hang in your bedroom or office space. You can buy corkboard online or poster board at your local office supply store. You will also need pictures, printouts, quotes on paper – anything that you feel represents your personal vision statement or mantra. If you are using poster board, you could even draw or write directly on the surface with markers or highlighters or paint. The beauty about creating your own vision board is that you can construct it however you want, using whichever materials you prefer or have easy access to.

Step 3: Put your mantra in the middle


The whole purpose of a vision board is to create a visual representation of the most significant thing you hope to accomplish or stand for in your life. So naturally, when creating your board, you will want to put your mantra or key vision statement on first. You will also want to make it the most prominent part of the board, most likely centered in the middle in large font so that your eyes will be drawn to it each time you look at it.

Step 4: Surround it with quotes, photos and more


Once you have decided on a mantra, and that statement or phrase has been drawn or glued or pinned to the middle of your board, your next step should be to fill in the rest of the board, surrounding your key idea or statement with smaller pieces of inspiration to help motivate you to continue working toward your goal. If your goal is to travel around the world, for example, you might include pictures of places you want to visit in real life, or postcards from places you have already visited. You might also include a small list of reasons you want to travel, motivators for saving money and the like.

Step 5: Hang it up somewhere you will see it often


Probably one of the most important aspects of creating a vision board is, once you’re finished with it, making sure you place it somewhere you will actually see it often, preferably daily or multiple times per day. Place it near your desk in your office, or somewhere in your kitchen, bedroom or living room – ideally, it will go in the place you either visit most often throughout the day or the room you spend the most time in. It is probably also best if you put it up somewhere where it will be easy and convenient for you to sit alone and reflect on your goals and the progress you have made toward them.

Step 6: Look at your vision board daily


Possibly even more important than putting your vision board up somewhere you will see it often is making sure you actually look at it as often as you can, at least once daily. It is important to consistently review your goals to help keep you on track. You need to remind yourself of what it is you are working toward, especially when you are feeling unmotivated or you are having a hard time remembering why you are spending valuable time and energy doing what you are doing. Take consistent time to reflect and motivate yourself to keep going, no matter what.

Regardless of what you want to accomplish in your life, being able to visualize where you want to be and figuring out how you want to get there are important. You can use the visualization power of a vision board to help you get to where you want to be and accomplish even your furthest reaching goals.

Identify what you want and be honest with yourself about what is going to help you get there. For some people, photos and inspirational quotes are all that’s necessary to make their biggest dreams come true. But a vision board can really be anything you want to be. It can be as small or big as you want. You can even create a digital version and make it your desktop background on your computer, if you want. All that matters is that you have a tool to help you visualize what you want to do, so you can be motivated to get out there and do it.