9 Best Vacation Spots in the World

Traveling the world is a common desire among people of all ages. Venturing to locations you’ve never been, introducing yourself to unfamiliar cultures and making memories to last a lifetime is possible—if you know the best places to go.

If you find yourself plagued by wanderlust and are on the hunt for new places around the world to explore, here are some of the best options for your next vacation.

1. Barcelona


Barcelona, Spain is home to so much culture and history that it’s the perfect vacation spot no matter your interests. Football (sorry, soccer if you’re in America), music, art—no matter which direction you head in this city, you’re bound to find something that will leave you speechless.

Not only is the weather fairly mild throughout the year, but there are also plenty of places to visit while you’re there. The buildings, beaches and scenery alone are enough to make you want to stay forever. Add to that the nightlife culture and authentic cuisine and you pretty much don’t have another reason not to book your flight right now.

Still not convinced? Here are plenty more things Barcelona has to offer.

2. Yellowstone


Of the 59 protected areas, or national parks, in the United States, this one has to be near the top of your destination bucket list.

Yellowstone National Park has more things to do than you might realize. Not only can you marvel at its hot springs and snap photos of its waterfalls; you can also go hiking, horseback riding and even boating or fishing.

Catch some memorable footage of Old Faithful, the world’s most renowned geyser. Visit with some grizzlies and wolves for awhile, if you want to.

3. Crete


If you dream of vast vineyards and olive groves when you picture your next vacation, one of Greece’s major islands is the perfect spot for you.

Crete, Greece, will take you on a sunny, historical adventure. Beaches, palaces, towns and museums are just several of the sites you can see while you’re here. It’s an island filled with so many different places to explore you might not be able to catch them all in one trip.

If you do go, though, make sure you check out the mountains and caves, especially if you’re into mythology.

4. Budapest


Of all the places in Europe to land, you might not have thought of this one.

This Hungarian capital has plenty of sites to visit and explore … for free. Also, as if we haven’t talked enough about food yet, it has enough farmers markets to make you forget you ever thought you needed processed food in the first place. Hot springs, synagogues—did we mention it’s cheap?

This doesn’t have to be your only European stop. It’s easy to get from here to other key locations if you’re hoping to make a road trip out of it.

5. Paris


The City of Light. The City of Love. The Capital of Fashion. This city may be world-renowned for its cultural variety, but if you haven’t been yet, there are plenty of more reasons to start planning a trip.

You could do all the typical things: climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, visit Notre Dame, spend a day at the Musee de Louvre. You could also lose yourself in a seemingly endless array of theatre, film and musical wonders like the Museum of French Cinema, home to one of the largest film archives in the world.

Also, the food. What are you waiting for?

6. Jerusalem


The world is full of relics and landmarks you may only get one chance in a lifetime to see, and making the trip is certainly worth it.

Jerusalem, Israel is a city filled with churches, landmarks and a taste of ancient history. It mixes its historical feel with modern markets, bazaars and even one of the world’s largest Holocaust museums.

Its location also allows for easy access to other hot spots in Israel, if you’re up for even more exploration.

7. Vancouver


Everyone vacations for different reasons. This is another excuse to get away from it all and immerse yourself in a wondrous world of parks, museums and history you will never forget.

Vancouver, British Columbia is the place to visit if you’re in search of a new kind of exposure to culture. The museums and galleries of art and anthropology will make education feel like a luxury.

You can also spend time on the water or tasting cuisines from food carts. Whichever you prefer.

8. Prague


Already been to Spain, Italy and France? Make Prague your next stop.

Here you will find delicious food, heartwarming music and all the wine you could ever hope for. Fall is the best time to experience the city’s opera and other music and wine festivals, but there’s a little something for everyone no matter the time of year.

The best part about this destination is that it’s relatively cheap, as far as traveling goes.

9. Cape Town


Whether you’re hungry for good food, anxious to browse a few good markets or in need of a few blue skies and sunshine, you should most definitely add Cape Town, South Africa to your list of places you need to visit before you die.

Like to hike? There are plenty of mountains to choose from. Or you can explore Cape Town’s beaches, if you need to feel some serious sand beneath your feet. And if you’re looking for the water without the sand, there’s a giant pool waiting for you.

And bars. Lots and lots of bars.

These are just a few of the many amazing places fit for aspiring world travelers, but of them all, these will expose you to the most variety of culture, cuisine and experience without draining your savings.

They are affordable, versatile and take you to many different parts of the world you might otherwise never get the chance to see. If you can’t go now, it’s at least worth looking into for the very near future.