9 Best Meditation YouTube Channels For A Calmer Mind

In an increasingly crazy world, more and more of us are finding that even a few minutes set aside for meditation is truly beneficial.

The following are 9 of the best meditation channels out there on YouTube that you can utilize at your convenience.

1. The Seat – by The Honest Guys

The Honest Guys

The Seat by The Honest Guys provides various different meditation videos, most of which concentrate on the power of nature. They mostly last for 10-15 minutes, with the first few minutes consisting of instructions to guide you into deep breathing – although there’s nothing too complicated and it’s the perfect way to begin the meditation process.

If you like wonderful imagery, especially that of nature’s wonders, then this one is definitely worth checking out.

2. Guide to Meditation – by Positive Magazine

Positive Magazine

If you’re feeling anxious or nervous then Positive Magazine’s Guide to Meditation could well hit the spot. We have to say, the person they use for the voiceover on their videos has the most beautiful and relaxing tones. And the music’s pretty awesome as well…

Meditation is the perfect way to ease away worries and concerns, and we honestly think that this is one of the best YouTube channels out there today to help calm your mind and see things in a more positive light.

3. Calming Warm Light – by Sleep Ezy Relax

Sleep Ezy Relax

Have trouble getting to sleep? Well, you’re certainly not alone. Be it worries about work, money, career, relationships, family, or simply too many thoughts whizzing around your mind at bedtime, you could be one of the millions of Americans who lie away every night.

Calming Warm Light by Sleep Ezy Relax is designed to gently slow your mind to assist you falling deep into slumber. Very soothing, with soft music and the bizarrely relaxing sound of raindrops, this is definitely worth a try if insomnia is a problem you suffer from.

4. The Five Minute Miracle – by Beyond Purpose

Beyond Purpose

With each video taking only 5 minutes of your time, The Five Minute Miracle by Beyond Purpose is a wonderful start to the day. Filling you with positive thoughts, and how you (and only you) have the power to make today a great one, as well as directing your mind in a positive direction for the day, we highly recommend this as a great accompaniment to your morning routine.

As many people are happily discovering, putting aside even 5 minutes of your time each day for mindfulness practice really does have a massive impact on your life.

5. Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Stress – by Jason Stephenson

Jason Stephenson

Stephenson’s Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Stress videos are ‘hardcore’ for those who are suffering severe anxiety and/or stress. If you’re a chronic sufferer, then the power of meditation really could be the answer.

But it’s true that many people on the start of their meditation journey don’t really know how to set an intention for their meditation. Jason has one intention with such videos, and that’s one of peace – something all of us can probably do with a little more of.

6. In Transition, Ending and New Beginnings – by Lilian Eden

Lilian Eden

In Transition is a longer (lasting 60 minutes) guided meditation channel that’s ideal for those who’re a little further along in the journey of meditation. Meditation for a longer period allows deeper introspection, and for many novices might be too long a period in which to remain in a meditative state.

But once you’re ready, allowing yourself this hour of peace really can have an amazing impact on how you rock and ride through the trials and tribulations of life.

7. Liberating Power of Mindfulness by Grokker


Liberating power of Mindfulness by Grokker is a great place to head if you’re looking for a combination of guided meditation, yoga, and other life-healthy ways of living. There are 12 separate meditation videos here, each lasting for under 20 minutes.

This is the work of one Mark Coleman, and we have to say – the guy certainly knows his stuff.

8. Self Love, Body Healing – by Louise Hay

Louise Hay

Louise Hay is one of the gurus of mindfulness, wellness, and meditation. Here Self Love, Body Healing videos cover different meditations that all have the same aim – increase your quality of mindfulness. She’s a great advocate of putting aside even a few minutes per day to meditation – from opening your heart to building self esteem, the power of mindfulness and mediation is brought to you in an easy to follow, relaxed manner.

9. Can’t Sleep – Insomnia Relief – by Liberation in Mind

Liberation in Mind

Another great guided meditation for those who suffer from insomnia, we challenge you to listen to the hour-long Can’t Sleep – Insomnia Relief video and not, at the very least, feel a little more relaxed.

This is a super channel for those who’ve got so wound up about ‘stuff’ that they’re actually afraid of falling asleep! Relaxing, calming, and leaving you waking in a far better state of mind, we love this and the other offerings from Liberation in Mind.