9 Best Meditation Benches

A meditation bench is possibly one of the first meditation accessories you will purchase when you decide to start to try meditation or yoga, but it is also one of the most important accessories. It helps you train yourself to keep correct posture. An object associated with an activity also helps motivate you to follow through with that activity even on days you don’t want to.

Here are several of the best meditation benches you can find and purchase either for yourself or for a friend. These benches take into account important details such as helping with your posture and making sure you can transport your most needed and used meditation accessory anywhere you go.

1. Portable Folding Ronin Meditation Bench


This is the highest quality meditation bench on this list, but that means you will get more out of it for its price. It is both portable and foldable, meaning you can not only fold it up and store it to clear up space when you are not using it, but you can also fold it up and take it with you wherever you go. It is hand crafted and finished and uses a hinge and magnet mechanism to assemble and disassemble, making it extremely sturdy but easy to fold up and carry around if you need to.

2. Folding Meditation Bench


If you have ever tried using a meditation bench but had trouble concentrating for long periods of time or struggled with back or neck pain, you might need a bench that is more accommodating to fit your needs. The legs of the folding meditation bench are angled and ergonomic so you can have the proper posture while meditating and not experience neck or back pain. The fact that it is more comfortable also means you will be able to actually spend more time meditating.

3. Adjustable Meditation Bench


Every person’s body is different, which means sometimes even a meditation bench with angled legs and different sizes still might not be enough to accommodate your needs and keep you comfortable. That is why this meditation bench is specifically designed so that you can adjust the angle of the legs for whatever angle is most comfortable and helpful for you. You have the luxury of trying to meditate at different angles until you find the one that is perfect for you, making it customizable even though technically each unit of the product is the same.

4. Padded Meditation Bench


Maybe you don’t want to sit on a wooden bench but want all the benefits a meditation bench has to offer you. Go for a meditation bench that has padding built in to its seat. It’s a height adjustable and extremely comfortable option for someone who wants to try out a meditation bench if you never have before. You can purchase this padded meditation bench in three sizes: small, medium and large, to accommodate height and flexibility so that you can meditate, stretch and/or do yoga safely without risk of injury.

5. Friends Of Meditation Kneeling Bench for Yoga, Meditation and Namaz


This is one of the most affordable options out there when it comes to meditation benches, but for the value it offers, it is considered an excellent deal. It is a unique design which you won’t find with most other brands like this. It comes with a meditation cushion to put on the bench so sitting or kneeling is much more comfortable. If you don’t find wood to be a suitable material for use in meditation benches you have tried out in the past, you might prefer this bench instead.

6. Mettabench™ Meditation Bench


This meditation bench has a simple yet elegant design that not only makes sure you are comfortable, but also makes meditation extremely light and affordable. It is designed so that the legs of the bench are curved to add stability and comfort, encouraging you to keep correct posture so that you can get the most out of your meditation experience every single time.

7. Handcrafted Meditation Seat


When you are concentrating on meditation, it is important that your posture is correct to allow for effective breathing and to keep you comfortable. This unique hand crafted meditation seat is built for optimal breathing, balance support and posture so that you can meditate both comfortably and correctly. It is also both easy to store and portable, so you can put it away when you aren’t using it without it taking up too much space, or disassemble it, take it somewhere with you and easily put it back together for quick and simple use.

8. Deluxe Bamboo Meditation and Yoga Bench


The way the legs of this meditation bench are designed makes it so it has extra stability while you use it, either for meditation or yoga or prayer. But the legs also easily fold up when you need them to in order to make the bench both easy to store and easy to take around with you. You also have the option of purchasing a cushion along with the bench so you can be even more comfortable while you meditate either in private or in a group of people who love to relax and feel more at peace.

9. Mudra Crafts Portable Wood Yoga Seiza Kneeling Meditation Bench


This meditation bench has a little bit of everything you might want in a quality meditation accessory. It comes with a comfortable cushion so you don’t have to sit or lean directly on finished wood. It has specially angled legs so that you will stay comfortable and have correct posture while you are meditating without causing any physical harm to yourself. It is also easily portable so you can either move it and store it away when you are not using it or take it with you to group meditation or anywhere else you might want to use it away from its typical place.

Choose a meditation bench that fits your needs and gives you the most comfort and confidence. You will not regret it.