9 Best Healthy Food Delivery Services

Healthy eating would be so much easier if we had more hours in the day. The reality is, there just isn’t time. You have to go to the store and buy the foods you want to cook. Then you actually have to find time during the week to cook them. Then there’s trying to figure out how long you can store leftovers, and sometimes you forget.

Things become a lot easier when you rely on a healthy food delivery service to provide ingredients, in some cases even entire fresh ready made meals for you during the week. No more awful fast food, and no more trying to find the time to cook and then clean up the mess afterward.

Here are some of the best healthy food delivery services to choose from.

1. Hello Fresh


This one’s for the environmentalists interested in preparing their own meals without the hassle of purchasing ingredients from a store. Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service that starts by providing a weekly menu, allowing you to select the meals you want to eat in the coming week. Once you choose your meals, Hello Fresh delivers fresh, seasonal, pre-measured ingredients to your home. Following the recipes, you can cook your meals waste free and enjoy food meant for you, made by you. You will never have to throw anything out you do not use, and the recipes are easy to follow: anyone can do it.

2. Freshology


Basically, if you somehow haven’t already managed to fall in love with food, Freshology will make you do just that. They deliver gourmet meals to you, made with fresh ingredients that look and taste absolutely amazing. You get to choose your own delivery schedule and customize your menu every single week so you can look forward to the foods you want to eat. You don’t even have to cook anything. How convenient, and how delicious and healthy.

3. Blue Apron


Blue Apron is a nation wide healthy food delivery service based on fresh produce, unique recipes and pre measured ingredients to help making preparing, cooking and serving at home much easier and much more convenient to fit your busy life. This service and brand is based around the idea that even you can learn to cook, whether you’ve done it before or not. What are you waiting for?

4. Sakara Life


Don’t want to do any food prep or cooking, but still want to eat as healthy as possible throughout the week? Check out Sakara. You can get meals for just one week or you can pay for a weekly subscription to their meal delivery service. Their fresh, organic, plant based foods are free of dairy, gluten, preservatives and additives, artificial flavorings and colorings and are as nutrient-dense as they come (very nutritious for very few calories per serving). Are you hungry yet?

5. Pete’s Paleo


This is a meal delivery service specifically for those who are already on or want to try going on a paleo diet. Here’s how it works: you order your meals no later than midnight on Monday. Farm fresh ingredients are collected and prepared by chefs, who put every ounce of your meals together. By Friday, your home or office will have a paleo friendly meal you will never forget. Pete’s Paleo menus change every single week according to the seasons and what farmers have harvested that week. Cut out junk food and fill up on meat and produce, just like a true foodie.

6. Plated


Plated is one of the most flexible meal delivery subscription services to date. You can sign up to have meals delivered twice a week or as frequently as once a day. You can change recipes later, skip weeks if you go on vacation or cancel a delivery if you have other spontaneous dinner plans. Recipes are simple and you can pretty much choose from a menu of whatever you want for as many nights a week as you want. The best part? Plated delivers to almost every location in the United States.

7. Snap Kitchen


Like many other healthy food delivery services out there, Snap Kitchen offers meals perfect for a variety of different popular diets, including Paleo, vegetarian, vegan and low carbohydrate diets. The unique feature of Snap Kitchen, however, is that 99 percent of the meals they offer their customers are gluten-free. Whether you need to eat gluten-free for medical reasons or not, this is a great way to eat healthy without having to worry quite so much about the ingredients that are in your food. Available in five cities around the US, including Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston.

8. Freshly


For those who want to eat healthy but don’t have the tools or desire or time to cook their own meals, Freshly is one of the best fresh meal delivery services. You can choose to have four, six, nine or 12 meals delivered to you every single week, prepared fresh by real chefs. They arrive in a refrigerated, recyclable box, which means all you have to do is heat them up and they are ready to eat. Again, food and paper waste is minimal, and you don’t have to do any of the work yourself. Except for signing up for the service, of course.

9. Provenance Meals


This is probably one of the healthiest meal and snack delivery services you will find, and that’s because all their food is non-processed and whole. What does that mean? Their meat is grass-fed. Their fish is sustainably farmed. Their fruits and vegetables and dairy products don’t have any chemicals or weird ingredients added to them. Twice a week you will receive a nice bundle of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to help you get on the right track to eating healthy, especially when you’re busy and don’t have time to go grocery shopping.

Whether you want to learn to cook, don’t have time to care or you just want to learn how to eat healthy and don’t know where to start, bringing the food to you makes everything easier, and much more tasty.