9 Amazing Relationship Blogs For Men

There’s a ton of relationship blogs out there for the female species. But us guys are far less well catered for.

But never fear, because there are a few blogs out there specifically aimed at the guys – it’s just knowing where to find them.

The following is a list of 9 of the very best…

1. Esquire


Esquire offers all kinds of relationship advice for men, from dating tips to how to really understand what goes on in a women’s mind (scary stuff – and somewhat baffling, much of the time…!).

Expect no-nonsense, straight to the point info on everything you ever wanted to know about relationships (and probably some stuff you didn’t want to know, as well…).

2. The Perfect Male Blog

The Perfect Male Blog

Quite deep and spiritual, The Perfect Male Blog is one for those who’re connected to their emotional self, and want to open their mind into a way to truly understand the fairer sex.

If you’re a ‘guy’s guy’ – a typical red-blooded American male, then this might not be your bag. But if you’re more in touch with your feminine side, then it just might hit the spot.

3. Guy Stuff

Guy Stuff

The superbly named, Guy Stuff, came into being when it’s creator, Dr. Kurt Smith, realized that traditional counselling simply doesn’t work for a lot of men. And his own personal experience of counselling also told him the same.

So in 2007 he created Guy Stuff to rectify this issue. Not only is it a counselling blog, but it offers a huge amount of advice in regular ‘blog’ style that’s specifically targeted to hit the male psyche. In a word – awesome!

4. Men’s Health

Men’s Health

The blog of the magazine of the same name is as good as its paper version. Men’s Health covers relationship advice for guys in the crazy 21st century – where the likelihood of you meeting someone online is now higher than meeting them for the first time in the physical world!

No wonder we’re all a bit screwed up…!

Plus we like the other male orientated advice on all things to do with health as well. Because, let’s face it, us guys are pretty bad when it comes to all things healthy, as well as all things relationships… So this is a handy resource for both, all in one place.

5. Me & Relationships Blog

Me & Relationships Blog

Me & Relationships is a little different from the others in this list, because it’s actually designed for women to visit to find out a little bit about the mysteries that make up the male mind (Yes, it’s true. Apparently they find us as mystifying as we do them…).

If you’re wondering why it made the grade, it’s simply because it can be super-beneficial for us to understand exactly why women can’t seem to ‘get’ us on so many levels. And hey – it gives us a somewhat different view into their world, so helping us to understand where they’re coming from.

Trust us! It really is worth a visit…

6. Seriously Maybe

Seriously Maybe

Irreverent, inappropriate, and blessedly PC free, Seriously Maybe is opinionated and controversial – just what you need when it comes to understanding the opposite sex.

And join in, because that’s what its authors want you to do. Leave comments, vent your rage, disagree, ask questions… This one is probably our favorite of all. Check it out, and we think you’ll understand why.

7. Nick Notas

Nick Notas

The blog of dating and confidence coach for men, Nick Notas, is read by over 300,000 guys a month. This is the blog for the high rollers (or those with aspirations) who simply want to understand the women in their lives, attract the right kind of lady who’ll love them for who they are, build respect, and – when necessary – rebuild broken relationships.

The guy knows his stuff. He should do, he’s been helping guys for decades. So if you’re not completely happy with all things relationship, then head over to Nick’s blog.

8. Pat Steadman

Pat Steadman

Pat Steadman understands your ‘women problems’. But more importantly, he can show you where you’re going wrong. This is THE go-to guy who can unravel the mystery of the female of the species, and help you forge forward to a happy relationship (whether you’re loved up now or a committed singleton…).

And he’s got a great way of explaining ‘stuff’, that makes it simple to follow. A great blog, and well worth adding to your favorites.

9. Your Relationship Coach

Your Relationship Coach

The ‘rules’ of relationships in the 21st century are probably more complicated now than during any point in history. Your Relationship Coach goes some way to dispelling the many myths, conundrums, and confusion that are specific to guys now that the traditional roles of carer, protector, and breadwinner are no longer defined…