8 Great Paleo Diet Snacks

OK, OK, we all know that we shouldn’t snack. But hey – there’s times when it’s a necessity to prevent you from either fainting with hunger, or diving headlong through the door of the first McDs you see and ordering something that’s most definitely not Paleo friendly.

The following are a combination of snacks you can make yourself and those you can buy ready made – and they’re all satisfyingly yummy AND strictly Paleo

1. Beef Jerky – the ultimate ‘go-to’ Paleo snack

So, not all jerky is made equal, and if you’re strictly Paleo, then it’s essential to make sure you only buy ones that fall into the right category. For beef jerky lovers, Mission Meats Beef Jerky is full of the good stuff: grass fed beef, free of nitrates, non-gmo, and gluten-free, these tasty sticks are ideal to keep on you for that moment when you just ‘have’ to eat a snack…

2. Honey Masala Chai Roasted Nuts – this one you make yourself.

Taking only 25 minutes to prepare, these super crunchy nuts are a great choice to prepare at home and then carry around for a power snack during the day. They’re super simple to prepare, and from easy to find ingredients too.

Nuts are a wonderful source of goodness and pack a whole lot of energy as well. One of the best snacks to choose from, and making them yourself you can be super sure that no nasty, banned ingredients have found there way in there.

3. Hog Skins – a satisfyingly crunchy snack

Galactic Hog Skins is a zero carb product that’s made from pasture raised, US wellness pigs, and – unlike many other there – is truly a Paleo snack. This is a great option for those who find they’re missing potato chips, as the crunchiness is to die for, and the taste is pretty damn good as well.

In addition, because they’re high in Paleo–rich starch, then can help to combat cravings too!

4. DIY Crispy Salty Kale Chips

Super healthy, and quick and easy top make, this high protein and fiber snack is packed with minerals and vitamins – and you can eat pretty much as many as you want!

The recipe is simple and they only take around 20 minutes to prepare. You can use any kind of kale, but curly kale makes for the most interesting chips. And it’s not referred to as a ‘superfood’ for nothing – stuffed with antioxidants, it’s one of the healthiest vegetables of all. So make, crunch, and enjoy…

5. Artisan Tropic Plantain Strips – don’t be put off by the name…!

Well, they could’ve tried a bit harder on the title, but we have to say that these Artisan Tropic Plantain Strips are truly yummy. Paleo-certified and a great provider of resistant starch, these vegan snacks are just the ticket when it comes to taste and satisfaction. Great to keep in your bag for those hungry moments…

6. Gummy Orange Slices – your way…

Think you have to give up on gummies because you’re eating Paleo? Then think again… The trick is to ensure that all the ingredients that go into making something like these gummy orange slices is strictly Paleo. And everything in this recipe ticks the right boxes.

Really easy to prepare, and great to carry around with you to snack on when you need a sweet fix.

7. Paleo Prime Chocolate Chip Cookies – because going Paleo doesn’t mean missing out on your favorite snack.

Just because you’re on a different diet to most other people shouldn’t mean that you go without. And for the chocoholics out there (or even those with just a bit of a sweet tooth), Paleo Prime Chocolate Chip Cookies will certainly hit the target.

Dairy free, grain free, and gluten free, it’s incredible how they’ve managed to make these feel like a sin as you sink your teeth in. But rest assured, they’re 100% Paleo so you can enjoy without the slightest trace of guilt. Delicious!

8. Paleo Rosemary and Sea Salt Sweet Potato Chips – who said all chips were bad…?

Great news for chip lovers, you don’t have to go without! Simply roll up your sleeves in the kitchen for 30 minutes with a couple of large sweet potatoes, (and a few more ingredients to complete the recipe) and you’ll soon have something that’s far better than boring old regular potato chips.

They have the same texture as regular chips, but they pack a whole lot more goodness – high in both fiber and nutrients. They’re so close to a regular potato chip we bet even those who don’t eat Paleo will love them. So keep them away from those thieving hands – you made ‘em, so that makes ‘em yours…!