8 Best Websites To Help You Start New Positive Habits

There’s so much information out there in t’Internet land about how to start a new positive habit. You know, all the ‘it takes 21 days’ blah, blah, blah… All these articles usually offer is the same information rehashed in a different format.

But actually, there are some websites out there that really do provide the info, tools, and actual rock solid advice on exactly how you (yes, YOU – even with your rushed/unhealthy/stressed out/no time to think – delete as appropriate – lifestyle) can begin to introduce positive, permanent change into your life.

The key is managing to find such sites, as they’re usually well hidden amongst the dross that litters our online world.

But never fear! Because we’ve done the hard, tedious work for you. And here’s our list of what we consider are 8 of the very best websites that can help you start new positive habits.

1. Psychology Today

Psychology Today

Now, this might – at first – seem a little weird to have on such a list. But for many of us, the ability to understand a little deeper about how the human mind works on a particular subject is an almost prerequisite first step for success. And this is what Psychology Today provides.

Sure, it’s not a website solely dedicated to habit formation, but they have a great section on it, and are continually adding new articles all the time. Definitely a good site for the ‘thinker’s amongst you.

2. James Clear

James Clear

So, you might not think that an author/weight lifter/photographer is ideally suited to the subject of habit formation. But James Clear has dedicated his life and work to providing us with the latest info out there in ‘how to live a better life’. And this, naturally, includes an awful lot about creating positive habits.

And he’s pretty damn good at what he does. His work has been covered by such big names as Forbes, CBS, and Time Magazine. What we really like is his ability to take complex subjects and present them in ways that simple folk (that’s us, not you, btw) can easily understand.

3. Develop Good Habits

Develop Good Habits

The aptly named, Develop Good Habits, is the website of author, S.J. Scott. His website is designed to help people create good habits or conquer bad ones. So if you’re wanting to, for example, introduce more exercise into your life, give up smoking, eat healthy food on a regular basis, or stop biting your nails, then head over to his website for loads of great information and tools to help you.

Scott is also a prolific author of habit and self help books, including Habit Stacking, which, in our humble opinion, is one of his best.

4. Inspiyr


Despite the daft spelling, Inspiyr is a great website. The work of Dan Cassidy, the ethos of the site is to provide help and inspiration on how to become the best you possible. The articles on here are so well researched, and the experts that make up the team certainly know their stuff.

This is another site that’s been featured in major media outlets, such as The Huffington Post, CNN, and USA Today.

5. The Life Habit

The Life Habit

The Life Habit covers lots of well being topics, with habits being one of them. You’ll also find good articles on spiritual subjects, health, finance, career etc. But the thing about creating good habits is that this can (and should be) applied to any area of your life.

There’s a good community aspect to this website, and if you join up (it’s free) you can chat with others and also join in physical live events that people around the world set up. In addition, there are separate groups you can join dedicated to helping you achieve a goal – such as managing to run your first 5km (that’s about 3 miles). Now that’s a great new positive habit that’d be great to add to your repertoire…

6. Zen Habits

Zen Habits

Before we extol its virtues (because it’s jam packed with them), we have to say that Zen Habits is a little weird to navigate. Top tip! Hover over the world ‘breathe’ at the top, and the menu comes up…

OK, having got that off our chest, let’s tell you why this is a good website. The work of one, Leo Babuta, from California, we particularly like his Sea Change habit program. OK, this is something you have to pay for, but you get a week’s free trial to see if you like it. (And just so you know, we’ve not been asked to promote this, nor do we get any backhanders).

Even if you don’t want to part with any cash, there’s lots of great info on the site. In addition to the ‘habit’ side of things, it’s just an out an out great mindfulness website. And the guy’s got a great attitude on life – period!

7. High Performance Lifestyle

High Performance Lifestyle

Another website that’s not totally dedicated to habit formation, but High Performance Lifestyle has such great articles when it does concentrate on the subject, that we simply had to include it. Run by Bulgarian born entrepreneur, Kosio Angelov, this business focused website goes into great detail about how you can easily make small changes to your everyday life on your climb to success.

8. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness

Think a fitness website doesn’t belong in this list? Think again… Because how many of us start a fitness habit (usually at the start of a new year or when we start thinking about the horror of having to wear swimmers during vacation time) only to crash and burn within a few weeks (days?) of starting? Well, the guys at Nerd Fitness have got all the inspiration you need to change that destructive cycle for good.

And hey, the advice given on how to stay true to your fitness goal can be applied to any aspect of your life. Check them out. We think they’re pretty awesome!