8 Amazing Yoga Blogs

If you love yoga, then the following 8 blogs are certainly something that will hit the spot. From tips on your practice, the best clothing, yoga news, and trends around the world, these are great ways to keep up to date with your favorite pastime.

1. Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics

Reasons to love Yoga Basics include regular new articles on everything to do with your sport. From the regular stuff, such as the best new music out there, through to some really off-the-wall features, such as ‘how yoga helps prison inmates’, this is a fun, practical, well-written blog that’ll help you keep bang up to date with everything going on in the world of yoga.

The blog was founded in 2001 by yoga expert, Timothy Burgin, and has since become one of the top go-to places online for everything and anything to do with the art.

2. The Yoga Lunchbox

The Yoga Lunchbox

New Zealand based, The Yoga Lunchbox, is run by one Lucinda Staniland. This committed yogi, writer, and editor is well-known ‘down under’, but her name might be new to those of us a little further afield. But hey – this gal knows what she’s talking about!

There’s a wonderful mix of articles on everything to do with yoga. And if you fancy putting pen to paper yourself, they even pay for guest articles. Imagine making a few extra dollars writing about the activity you love! Who knows, it could be a whole new career in the making…

3. Yoga for Healthy Aging

Yoga for Healthy Aging

We love learning about the advantages yoga has on our everyday lives. And Yoga for Healthy Aging does exactly what it says on the tin! Discover how the art can not only help you keep the good health you’ve got, but actively help with chronic and acute issues, such as pain management, hip problems, foot cramps… The list goes on.

Yoga offers so much more than simply flexibility – it really does help both body and mind. The blog is run by a group of passionate yoga aficionados, some of who are medical doctors. This means that the information you get here is real, sound, and can be trusted (unlike some stuff out there on the Internet). To be honest, this is one of our favorites.

4. Spoiled Yogi

Spoiled Yogi

If you like straight talking, then you’re going to love Spoiled Yogi. OK, this is certainly a blog aimed at women, being run by Erica, a pre and post-natal yoga teacher. So, guys, this might not be one for you.

But if you’re thinking about, or about to, or have just had a baby (or two, or three), then girl! Do you need to head to her page. Because having kids certainly doesn’t mean you need to give up the time you devote to your yoga – because Erica will show you exactly how you can fit it in. And wow! It’s great for your health, both pre and post baby.

5. Yoga in the Dragon’s Den

Yoga in the Dragon’s Den

If you like your yoga information both informative and intellectual, then check out Yoga in the Dragon’s Den. This award-winning site (named one of the 30 best sites on transcendent stress reduction, along with various other awards over the years) has some wonderful articles – mainly based around the subject of Ashtanga Yoga.

Some of the stuff he writes is a bit ‘out there’, but hey! We’re as open minded as the next person – and don’t we all need some thought provoking content to keep us fresh and interested? This is one of our favorites when it comes to content that keeps us on our toes.

6. Bram Levinson.com

Bram Levinson.com

No fancy names here, the Bram Levinson blog just lets its content do the talking… Based in Montreal, Canada, internationally acclaimed author, Bram, is all about alternative therapies for physical, mental, and well being. So it’s no wonder he’s an expert on yoga and all that it offers.

In 2016 he was voted of the world’s top 25 bloggers by Chosen Wellness, and made the Top Yoga Blogs list by DoYouYoga. His writing is both powerful and inspiring, and ultra-focused on helping his readers and those he mentors living the best life possible.

7. Body Divine Yoga

Body Divine Yoga

One for the ladies (again), Body Divine Yoga isn’t something that men should necessarily avoid. But it does have a somewhat feminist leaning… This is a great blog that challenges some of the widely held beliefs about all things yoga. In a good way, though – and it’s refreshing to see articles comparing yoga of old with the yoga of today.

After all. Just because something’s traditional, it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. We love that this blog covers yoga of all disciplines, and despite it’s sometimes serious subjects, it’s entertaining and well-written enough to easily carry them off.

8. Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal

We’ve left the biggest until last. And when it comes to the amount of content on there, then Yoga Journal certainly hits the spot. You can find everything on here – from tips about fitting yoga into a busy life, to mediation information, to yoga challenges… And it goes back over several years, so there’s plenty to search.

If you only want to take away a single blog to read from this list, then this one is certainly the most comprehensive.