7 Teenage Millionaires Making a Big Impact on the World

On recent lists of the youngest millionaires across the world, the youngest entrepreneur is in their mid twenties. Plenty of young millionaires have managed to come before these more recent successes: software developers; social network founders; even a jam making businessman. All of these unique and highly successful ideas came from the minds of children, in most cases 15 years of age or younger.

Take some inspiration from these young teenage millionaires who have made a large impact on the world, and the young people who have likely followed in their footsteps. Their stories are filled with lessons about hard work and putting self taught skills to worthwhile use.

1. Nick D’Aloisio


Image by Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media

At the age of 14 D’Aloisio sold a news app he had created in his spare time to Yahoo for $30 million. The news app itself is probably the least important part of the story. Not only has D’Aloisio shown through his success that it is possible to do great things even when you are young, but he also invested the majority of the money he made from the app, reminding even adults with large sums of money that smart financial planning in the wake of success is successful for anyone who wishes to succeed.

2. Jon Koon


Koon is an inspiration to all young people who have ever considered going into the fashion business. He started out making millions with an auto repair business, but branched out into the fashion industry and has since made around $40 million from that one business alone. Anyone can pursue a career in fashion: young, old, male, female, regardless of background, gender or age.

3. Ashley Qualls


This is the story of a girl who first taught herself how to code at the age of 12 and created her own website when she was only 14 years old. Qualls isn’t just book smart: she figured out how to create something everyone at the time would be searching for online: free MySpace layouts. She still gets all her earnings from Google AdSense revenue, which is pretty impressive for a self created and self hosted website that has been around for over a decade. Girls all over the world can follow the example Qualls set back in 2004: if you want to do something, figure out how it works and then give people what they want. Promote your business, even if it’s only through word of mouth, and be confident in your ability to succeed.

4. Juliette Brindak


Brindak created Miss O and Friends at the age of 16. The site is now worth approximately $15 million. The majority of that income is from online advertising revenue. Miss O and Friends is a girls only social networking website, which means girls from all over the world can join and find friends to socialize and grow with. It is important for girls to have friends at a young age to help boost their confidence and self esteem. Miss O and Friends gives girls the opportunity to be themselves and make friends even if they are shy in real life.

5. Cameron Johnson


Johnson is one of those young entrepreneurs who created his first business pretty much by accident. His parents wanted him to design cards for a party his parents were throwing. Guests of the party were impressed, so they offered to pay him good money if he would make cards for them like he had for his parents. By the age of 11 he had already made a few thousand dollars. By the time he graduated high school, he was a millionaire. This was before he sold his ad company. His success just goes to show that you never know what a hobby – or a chore your parents ask you to do in your spare time – can lead. His story also reminds us that you don’t have to stop at your first success. If he had not gone on to create his second business, he might not be worth millions today.

6. Tyler Dikman


This savvy tech wizard had started a successful computer repair business by the time he was 15, but he certainly didn’t find success by having things handed to him, a lesson many young aspiring millionaires can learn. He got his first computer when he was only 10 years old. Instead of using it to browse the internet to learn more about computers, he instead proceeded to take the entire thing apart, study it and figure out on his own how to put the entire thing back together. That is how he learned about computers and what ultimately led to his successful business. You don’t get anything in life without working hard to get to where you want to be.

7. Fraser Doherty


Looking from the outside in, a business that thrives on creating original jam recipes may not seem like that big of a deal. Fraser Doherty has made millions doing this, though, proving to the entire world that regardless of how old you are, you can turn almost anything you happen to enjoy doing into a business that could make you millions. He then started selling The Super Jam Cookbook, another smart way of making money online from his love of creating recipes for people to try. This all started when he was only 14. The best part about Doherty’s story is that he really does not care about the money. He just enjoys making jam, so that’s what he does. If you can find something you love doing that can actually make you rich, you’re one lucky entrepreneur.

If you are feeling discouraged or like you are too old, too young or too inexperienced to make a name for yourself, follow these young entrepreneurs and chase your dreams. You have the power to create something amazing. All you need is an idea, a skill and resources to execute that idea, and the unrelenting willpower to make that idea come to life, no matter what obstacles might stand in your way.