7 Habits of the Ultra Successful

What makes a successful person so successful? Mostly, it is their day to day habits that lead them down the path of success. Here are common habits you can adopt if you want to live a successful life.

1. Ultra successful people focus on solutions instead of problems


Sometimes, when we first encounter a problem, our first instinct is to think deeper about all the ways that problem interrupts and inconveniences us. The difference with successful people is that they don’t necessarily see the problem: instead, they see a solution that has yet to be found. And then they do whatever they can to find it.

Ultra successful people find success because they are willing to take steps toward a more solutions focused mindset. They understand that a problem can always be solved with both critical and creative thinking. They are always willing to focus on how to fix what is broken, instead of dwelling on the fact that it’s inconvenient or challenging that something is broken.

2. They hunt for opportunities


The road to success, unfortunately, often comes with a lot of setbacks, failures and promises that just don’t play out the way we hoped they would. Opportunities are often all around us all the time, and we just don’t always notice they’re there. That is what sets ultra successful people apart from the rest. They take advantage of opportunities they come across, often making small sacrifices to do so for the sake of the bigger picture.

Successful people don’t just wait for those kinds of opportunities to come along: they go out hunting for them. They also have a habit of finding opportunities when others see inconveniences. In some ways, being successful is all about attitude, and having a more positive and practical view of everything you encounter.

3. They don’t complain


Everyone needs to, and has the right to, complain every now and then. Complaining helps us release some of the tension building up inside of us and helps us cope with unfavorable circumstances. But there is a big difference between people who only complain when it is absolutely necessary, and people who complain about every single negative thing they ever happen to encounter.

Successful people learn why complaining doesn’t work, and do what they can to keep their complaints to a minimum. They also use complaining strategically, and turn any complaints they may have about someone or something into constructive criticism and feedback. They do not use complaining as a way to get what they want, but as a way to help improve their surroundings for the good of the people around them.

4. They take responsibility for and learn from their mistakes


Every one of us is just a little bit afraid of making mistakes. Messing up makes us feel embarrassed and like we have no idea what we are doing. Another thing ultra successful people do differently is that they do not fear making mistakes in the same way others do. In fact, they are much more likely to embrace and take advantage of them.

Ultra successful people do not put any kind of blame on anyone or anything else when things go wrong. Successful people are natural leaders, and take responsibility for any mistakes they make. They always make an effort to learn from those mistakes, and set a good example for others by treating negative experiences as lessons instead of failures.

5. They thrive on productivity


Though you may feel like you have heard all you care to hear about productivity at home and in the workplace, it is one of the things that make ultra successful people so good at what they do. Success cannot be possible without productivity. But the big difference for people who are successful is that they take productivity a step further than just reading tips and trying to mold their lives around those tips.

People find great success in figuring out which productivity tips work for them and applying them to their daily routines in any way that fits. They are able to take bits and pieces of other people’s tips and make them work throughout their own lives. For example, a common productivity tip is to cut out screen time an hour before going to sleep and an hour after waking up. But they might be most productive at the very start of the morning, and need to adapt that tip to fit that need.

6. They make time for fun


Productivity and success do not mean you have to work constantly in order to accomplish or achieve more. In fact, it is the people who put more emphasis on the non work related segments of their lives that often end up finding more success in life, rather than those who push themselves through 80-hour work weeks in hopes of finding success through working more.

Ultra successful people balance their work and their play. They make it a habit to schedule down time into their days, weeks and months. They don’t believe that working too hard has any long term benefits, and always make sure to keep rest and relaxation at the top of their priority lists, not just for themselves but for the sake of the people around them as well.

7. They are always willing to learn something new


Part of being successful is realizing that learning never stops. Not even if you are at the top of your career and think you know it all. Ultra successful people know something not everyone knows: that they do not know everything, and never will. Instead, they make it a habit to constantly learning new things, even if if it isn’t a professional requirement.

Successful people treat learning as enrichment instead of a chore. They put great effort into learning new skills and expanding their knowledge base. This is what allows them to form better relationships, solve problems more efficiently and make smart decisions even under pressure.

Work these habits into your own life to find the success you are capable of.