7 Dating Tips For Men

You don’t need any tips on dating, do you? Surely it all just comes naturally, you know what to say, and hey – you’re fighting off eligible ladies constantly…

OK – so we’re joking. Because guys, you’re certainly not alone with wanting a helping hand to make that date go well. So here are 7 great dating tips – for men from women.

And they might surprise you – because some of them are a little ‘out there’. But hey – who wants to be run of the mill. Because you – boy – need to be the awesome you that you really are…

1. Crazy is crazy. Run like the wind

Crazy is crazy. Run like the wind

Now, much as we hate to say it about the sisterhood, some of us are – in a nutshell – crazy. And this never (ever) gets any better. At the very first sniff of crazy, get the hell out. Honestly! No matter how beautiful/sexy/amazing/rich (delete as appropriate) she might be.

Because crazy does not make for a long and happy relationship. All it brings with it is more crazy…

2. Don’t bore her with work talk

Don’t bore her with work talk

Sure, say what you do – you might even go a little more in-depth if you’ve got a really interesting job (such as a vet, ER doctor, fire fighter, policeman – or something weird and wonderful – marine biologist, searching for life on other planets, secret agent… You get the picture).

But guys – just because you find your desk job fascinating doesn’t mean she will. It’s a sad but true fact that most of us have jobs that are B.O.R.I.N.G. – At least, boring to talk about to someone else who’s not in the same line of work.

And you’re more than your work, aren’t you? So talk about fun stuff – your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations. Vacations, hobbies, sports, fav movies… Anything at all, just not bloody work!

3. Say what you mean…

Say what you mean

Not what you think she wants to hear. We appreciate honesty – we really do! After all, if you’re not honest, how on earth will we ever get to know the real you?

4. Don’t string us along

Don’t string us along

The worst thing a guy can do is to continue dating a girl he things is just ‘OK’. Because hey – if you keep asking us out, and we like you, we’ll naturally think things are going well. If you’ve got doubts, then end it sooner rather than later.

It’ll give both of us the chance to find someone more suitable…

5. Forget the fancy…

Forget the fancy

OK, so you can whisk us to the flashiest restaurant in town, or spend a fortune buying champagne in a club. But actually, dull, Dull, DULL! Instead, do something that we’ll remember.

Hire a tandem and take us for a bike ride. Arrange to go orienteering. Pack a picnic and show us your kite flying skills. In other words, you don’t need to spend a fortune to impress us. We’ll be far more blown away if a date involves you making a little effort. Most of us really don’t care about how much money you spend…

6. Be clean

Be clean

Your clothes, your fingernails, your shoes… Grungy and grubby is a turn off – believe us. Because if your outer packaging isn’t sparkly clean, what an earth is it like underneath? You get what we’re saying…?

7. We like chivalry

We like chivalry

Yes, we also want to be treated as an equal (so we’ll pay our share, such as restaurant bills, taxi fares, etc.). But that doesn’t mean you should forget your manners. Hold that door open, help us on with our coat, bring us flowers on occasion, stand back to let us go first…

It doesn’t mean you’re a push over. It shows that you care – and that you’re a decent person. And more importantly, we’ll probably want to see you again…