7 Best Motivational Audio Books

When it comes to motivation, one of the best ways to seek advice is through an audio book. That way, tone, expression, and the sheer magnitude of the reader’s voice can really lift you and get you fired up to take on the world.

The following are 7 of the very best on the market right now.

1. The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive Thinking is possibly one of the very best motivational audio books out there today. Loved worldwide (it’s been translated into 15 languages and has sold over 7 million copies), this book has changed lives around the globe.

The key concept of the program described by Peale is about learning how to master the problems of reglar life. You know, the stuff that we go through every day, but perhaps hindered by worry, stress, and self-doubt.

Easy to listen to and read by Dr. Peale himself, you’ll discover exactly what you need to do to eliminate the destructional issues of self-doubt, how to raise yourself above problems to visualize the solutions, and – most importantly – how to attain them.

Discover simple daily exercises that will start you on the journey to happiness. If your goal is to leave the worries and stresses of 21st living behind and lead a contented, satisfying life, then this is the audio book for you.

2. Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

Robbins awesome, Awaken the Giant Within, is the ultimate educational and motivational program that covers all aspects of your life. Based on his, Date with Destiny seminars, the program shows you exactly how to ‘unleash the sleeping giant within’. What this means is discovering the skills, talents, and abilities that each and every one of us has – even if they’re not aware of it.

No matter where you are in your life, from being crushed with stress right through to, “Actually, I’m doing OK”, if you want to push yourself to become the best you possible, then Robbins has shown millions around the world exactly how to do this. And he can show you too…

3. See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar

So he might have a daft name, but Zig Ziglar’s See You at the Top is certainly anything but. There’s a reason that Fortune 50 companies turn to this man for corporate training, personal development, presentation skills, and more…!

This live recording of Ziglar’s first seminar, some quarter of a century ago, was at the time stunning, awe inspiring, and ground breaking. And it remains as relevant today as it did back then, with an estimated 250 million people on a global scale having used his principles to forge forward to success in every area of life.

Discover exactly what it is that you need to do to achieve what you want from life. From your professional life to your personal, Zig succinctly explains the steps you need to take to forge your path to success. We challenge you to listen to his recording and not feel ready to take on the world…!

4. You Are a Badass! How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

Even without such an amazing title, You Are a Badass! would get our vote… Presented in 27 easy to digest chapters, Sincero knows how to tempt even the most demotivated person into bettering themselves.

What’s great about this audio book is the presentation. There’s no dry, ‘do this, follow that’ yadda yadda. Instead, you laugh your way through, listening to life-changing insights, simple exercises, and touching life stories. This motivation coaching for those who flinch when they hear the phrase, ‘self-help’. Because Jen Sincero was (is?) one of those very people herself.

Thanks to this, there’s absolutely no ‘love yourself, New Age’ type preaching in this book. But what there is, is a whole load of kick ass information that’ll get even the biggest cynic up off their ass and blazing towards success.

5. The Willpower Instinct: How Self Control Works, Why it Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It by Kelly McGonigal

Strange as it seems, cutting edge research shows us that by understanding and harnessing our self control we can truly improve our health, happiness, and productivity. Kelly McGonigal is a Stanford University Psychologist, and The Willpower Instinct is based on her incredibly popular course she runs, The Science of Willpower.

It might be a little odd to think of willpower being motivational. But science has proven that by first understanding about willpower, followed by gaining control over it can be truly life changing. If you’re wanting awe inspiring advice about how to improve in each and any area of your life, then this audio course is both simple to follow and amazingly potent.

6. Motivation vs. Discipline by Ashy Bines

Motivation vs. Discipline is the perfect choice for anyone who thinks tough love is the way to go. That’s not to say that it’s not incredibly motivational, but what Bines teaches is that if you want something in life, the way to get there is through a combination of discipline AND motivation.

The thing is, we all lose motivation at times. But it’s how you face that problem that makes the difference between success and failure. Sometimes hard to listen to (it’ll make you realize when and why you’ve slipped up in the past), her methods are a combination of a gentle nudge and a great big boot up the backside. And weirdly – it works!

7. Motivation in 7 Simple Steps: Get Excited, Stay Motivated, Achieve Any Goal, And Create an Incredible Lifestyle! by Marta Tuchowska

Motivation in 7 Simple Steps provides the listener with exactly what the title suggests. Learn life changing lessons that can assist you in reaching all types of life goals – from fitness to lifestyle, work to finances.

One of the things we love about this book is how much it concentrates on when you ‘just can’t be bothered’. The thing is, the key to getting past that (and sure, we’ve all been there…), is understanding WHY we feel that way. There are a whole bunch of tools and exercises on exactly how to do this – plus learn how to get rid of the excuses that prevent you from achieving the heights your truly capable of.