7 Best Mindvalley Products

When it comes to personal development, you can’t go wrong with the courses on offer from the Mindvalley Academy. Famous for products created by some of the most renowned self-improvement experts on the planet, there’s a whole host to choose from.

The following are 7 of the very best Mindvalley products on the market right now.

1. Become a Modern Master

Become a Modern Master

Become a Modern Master is a wonderful learning opportunity for anyone who wants to unlock their spiritual and psychic abilities. The key to this course is written into our DNA – after all, it’s believed by many that our ancestors had spiritual abilities. And genetically, we’re still pretty much the same as these long lost relatives. We’ve just lost the ability to harness our spiritual side.

If you’re keen to unlock this latent talent, then Deborah King’s 6-week course will show you exactly what you need to get reconnected with your own ‘super powers’.

2. Become Limitless

Become Limitless

Mindvalley’s highest rated personal transformation program, Become Limitless, doesn’t get this highest accolade for nothing. This is a down and dirty journey into the true concept of ‘bending reality’ – a theory that’s been studied by course director, Vishen Lakhiani, for over 25 years.

If you want to achieve the unachievable, and literally ‘become limitless’ in your ability to reach those yearned for goals, then this is definitely one course that you should enroll on.

3. Unlimited Abundance

Unlimited Abundance

Created by Christie Marie Sheldon, the 3-month online coaching call program, Unlimited Abundance could be described as a period of spiritual awakening. The basic premise of the course is that each of us suffer from some or all of 24 ‘abundance blocks’, and breaking free from these can set you on the road to gaining whatever it is you want to achieve.

This is the ideal course for anyone who wants to enhance their state of mind, their consciousness, attract success and wealth into their lives, and literally transform themselves into a catalyst for positive change.

4. Uncompromised Life

Uncompromised Life

Marisa Peer’s 8-week coaching course, Uncompromised Life, uses a unique technique called transformational hypnotherapy. You’ll discover, in 8 separate group coaching lessons, the techniques to transform your life in every single aspect.

Follow in the footsteps of the world’s rich and famous, who’ve used her powerful techniques to follow the shortest path to transformation. CEO’s of blue chip companies, members of royal families, movie stars, political leaders… You too, in exactly the same methods learned by the rich and famous, can learn the 8 incredible transformations that’ll break away the mind-blocks all of us suffer from and that literally stop us reaching the high points in our lives that we all want.

5. Duality


Duality is a course that is all about tapping into your energy levels. Here in the Western world we tend to focus on the physical side of things – the tangible aspects of life that we can touch and see. In the East, they focus more on the energies that surround us and influence our everyday lives.

The issue most of us here in the US and the Western world have is that because we can’t actually ‘see’ these energies, we tend to ignore them. And we do that at our peril…! Jeffrey Allen’s course teaches us, in simple to understand steps, why we need to focus efforts on our energies to literally function at a higher level in the world.

The number 1 reason for failure is cited by many as not being in tune with their energies. Work, careers, family, relationships, love… Every single aspect of our lives. For anyone wanting to learn more about tuning into our energies and removing any limiting blocks, then this is the course for you.

6. Spiritual Laws of Money

Spiritual Laws of Money

The talents of T. Harv Eker are revered around the globe, and his course, Spiritual Laws of Money is THE course for anyone who’s primary goal is financial abundance – but also wants to remain true to their spiritual values. The thing is, not many people manage to successfully combine the two – but Eker’s 8-week course provides the exact blueprint of how you can do just that.

Harv certainly has a good track record, having helped over 1.5 million people discover exactly how to create financial freedom alongside spiritual contentment with his Millionaire’s Mind seminars. Now, thanks to the somewhat unique concept of blending the two seemingly opposite sides of spirituality and striving for riches that you’ll learn within this intensive course, it really is possible to be both happy AND financially secure.

7. Tune In

Tune In

Tune In by Sonia Choquette, the world-respected author, spiritual teacher, sixth sense consultant, and transformational visionary guide, is all about learning to listen to and respect your intuition. For anyone who’s experienced that ‘gut feeling’ about something – anything! – that you have no idea where it comes from but you just KNOW, then this is actually your intuition.

And learning how to use and trust this sixth sense is a skill that can be learned, according to Choquette. The course sets you on the road to a far more successful life, all thanks to learning to listen to – and understand – your intuition.

This is provided in a simple to follow, 4-step process that once learned, allows you to link your logical brain and your creative brain to your heart, the organ that really is the source of your intuition.

So if you want to improve your life in every aspect imaginable through the power of your inbuilt intuition – then maybe it’s time for you to ‘Tune In’…