7 Best Meditation Cushions

Thinking about starting a new meditation routine? You are going to need a high quality meditation cushion to get you started. Here are some of the best options available.

1. Zafu Organic Cotton with USA Grown Buckwheat Hulls Meditation Pillow: Rondo Style

This modern cushion design will elevate you in just the right way so that you can meditate or do yoga in the correct positioning and height without putting you at any risk for injuring yourself over the long term.

You can choose from six different color options to suit your preferences or match your surroundings. Its buckwheat filling is removable and replaceable, and is known as one of the best quality fillings for these kinds of cushions out there.

2. Bean Products Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion

One thing you will want to consider while searching for the best meditation cushion for you is durability. How long is your cushion promised to last once purchased? You can tell a good quality meditation cushion by looking at the materials used to create it, and whether or not any materials are removable or replacable.

Choose from a dozen different cushion cover color options, everything from black to pink to aqua. The protective cover and inside filling are both removable and replaceable, so you can be confident that this cushion will last you a long time and stay clean and never stop providing just the right amount of comfort and protection you need while remaining fully physically active.

3. Satori Buckwheat Meditation Pillow

Regardless of the shape of your meditation cushion, you need to be sure that whichever style you choose will offer you the most possible comfort. This cushion is not only easy to use, wash and store or transport, but it will make sure that you are both safe and comfortable for the full duration of its use.

The Satori Buckwheat Meditation Pillow is a crescent shaped meditation cushion with adjustable filling and five different color options to choose from. Satori claims its buckwheat filling will never go flat, which means you are pretty much guaranteed maximum comfort for years to come. The meditation cushion’s crescent shape will ensure that you sit properly and avoid injury to your back, hips and joints while you perform your meditation or yoga exercises.

4. YogaAccessories™ Round Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion

This YogaAccessories™ zafu meditation cushion is a traditionally round shaped cushion filled with cotton for a soft, forgiving layer of comfort and protection for all your meditation and yoga needs. It comes with a sturdy cover and allows you to easily move or carry it around, making for easy transport and storage whenever the cushion is not currently in use or needs to be moved out of the way.

This mediation cushion comes in over a dozen different colors and styles, meaning you can customize your yoga or meditation cushion with your environment or even your favorite outfit for an even more worthwhile experience. You also have the option to remove or replace the cotton inside of the cushion if need be, as there is a zipper that allows you to do so. This cushion is larger than most at fifteen inches diameter, which can be good if you prefer a wider range of comfort and protection.

5. Seat of Your Soul Yoga Meditation Cushion

Seat of Your Soul yoga meditation cushions promote ergonomic cushion product designs, meaning when you purchase a cushion from Seat of Your Soul, you can be sure that the alignment of your spine and associated bones will remain safe and intact. You can not only be physically comfortable, but also mentally relaxed and certain that your cushion will take care of you no matter how long or often you use it.

You can also choose to purchase this meditation cushion filled with either buckwheat hull or organic cotton, depending on how much firmness and or plasticity you want to have while stretching, relaxing or whichever form of activity you choose to engage in while using your cushion. You can purchase from the Seat of Your Soul brand in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, anything from crescent shaped cushions to round cushions. There is even a zafu cushion option available for purchase.

6. Reehut Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Round Pillow Cushion

This is a great option for anyone who needs a pillow or cushion while stretching, meditating or performing regular yoga sessions at home. The more comfortable you are doing any kind of movement or similar practice, the more success you are likely to have while doing it. Both yoga and meditation are still their own form of physical activity; safety is essential.

This meditation cushion comes in two different sizes, one smaller and one slightly larger, twelve by six inches rather than thirteen by five inches tall. You can purchase it in a variety of five different colors including grey and orange red. It has a built in carrying handle and both a removable cover and removable buckwheat hull so that you can decide how much ‘cushion’ you want your meditation cushion to have. This cushion is recommended for any type and level of yoga and or meditation.

7. Zentra Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion with Buckwheat Hull Non-Pleated

This meditation cushion is filled with buckwheat hull rather than cotton, which some people prefer because its texture can feel smoother and it is more firm yet it is more likely to form to a specific shape as you use it.

You can purchase this cushion in two color options, either black or bright purple. It comes with a built in carrying handle and a removable cover so that you can very easily wash and replace every few weeks or so. It is made with strong stitching and is a good fit for anyone at any level of yoga or meditation. This cushion is thirteen inches in diameter and six inches tall, meaning it is a good size for its purpose but will also be extremely easy to store in a tight space like a closet.