7 Best Healthy Energy Drinks

There’s a ton of drinks on the market that bill themselves as ‘healthy energy drinks’. But in many cases, the word healthy is about as far from the truth as it can be. Packed with sugar, artificial colors, and other nasties, it pays to ensure that your energy drink really is as healthy as it pretends to be.

The following are 7 of the very best to choose from.

1. GURU Organic Energy Drink

GURU Organic Energy Drink

It’ll get you buzzed, but without filling you up with caffeine and/or taurine, and giving you those awful jitters (not to mention that post-drink effect crash when it wears off). The GURU contains only natural, organic products that provide the body with essential nutrients.

Plus it’s vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, and there’s not a hint of any toxic artificial flavors or sweeteners.

And the can’s pretty snazzy too…

2. MATI Natural Healthy Energy Drink

MATI Natural Healthy Energy Drink

The MATI (in delicious cherry, citrus, or tropical flavors), is a wholesome blend of fruit juice and gyayusa tea. This plant is indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest, and provides a natural form of caffeine from within its spiky leaves. Drunk in a tea, it honestly does have simulative effects.

OK, so this one does contain caffeine – but the important thing here is that it’s wholly natural caffeine. And there’s no other nasty products added that’ll make you feel terrible a few hours later.

3. RUNA Organic Clean Energy Drink

RUNA Organic Clean Energy Drink

Another gyayusa product, RUNA is literally a pure source of this naturally caffeinated drink that provides you with a great source of energy. Perfect for when you need to remain focused on important tasks.

Organic, non-GMO, vegan, paleo, kosher… it’s suitable for literally everyone. And with no added sweeteners, stevia, or sugars, you can drink it guilt free – not worrying that it might be adding inches to your waistline…

4. BAZI All Natural Energy Drink

BAZI All Natural Energy Drink

This little baby comes in a ‘shot’ format – and is packed full of antioxidants that really do give you a punch of energy. The BAZI is created from 8 superfruits, and is a wonderful source of the ‘caffeine alternative, B-Ribose. This packs the muscles with the nutrients they need, but there’s no need to worry that you’ll experience a crash a few hours later.

Ideal for pre-workouts or training, and at only 40 calories per shot (and naturally sweetened with organic cane), there’s nothing artificial at all about this little power baby!

5. Niveau Smart Energy Shots

Niveau Smart Energy Shots

With zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sodium, Niveau is a combination of B vitamins, green tea extract, biotin and rhodiola. This provides a great combination that not only gives an awesome energy boost, but has a positive effect on your mood, focus, and all round health too.

And with its yummy citrus taste, this one’s perhaps the winner in this hard fought category of energy drinks.

6. ASPIRE Healthy Energy Drink

ASPIRE Healthy Energy Drink

The ASPIRE is a great tasting drink. It comes in mango lemonade, apple and acai, or cranberry, raspberry, and acai flavors, and is a wonderful provider of natural caffeine. This comes from green tea and guarana seed extract.

Thanks to this, there’s no worry about getting the jitters or a crash, plus it’s got no sugars or carbs, and provides zero calories! Perfect pre or post workout, – or just any time you need a boost throughout the day.

7. 4 Purpose Energy Drink

4 Purpose Energy Drink

If you’re looking for a truly organic energy drink, then this is a great option. The 4 Purpose drink is a guilt free way to get that energy buzz. Organic caffeine, lemon juice, essential b-complex vitamins… It’s all there to give you that needed boost. And for those who like a fizzy drink, this also hits the spot as it’s all presented in bubble infused water.

Refreshing and hydrating, it’s organic, kosher, vegan, and gluten free. Enjoy…