7 Amazing Silent Retreats You Need to Check Out

Sometimes, you just need to get away. Not to a place full of noisy tourists, buzzing attractions and expensive resorts and activities, but to a quiet, remote location where you can gather your thoughts, sort through your emotions and come to a much deeper understanding of yourself, your past and where you want to head in the future.

Here are seven of the most amazing silent retreats you should research and plan to attend at some point in 2017. At least one, if not all of these locations, all offering silent retreats at absolutely reasonable prices per night of stay, will catch your eye.

1. The Kripalu Yoga Center


Lennox, Massachusetts is home to the Kripalu Yoga Center, which offers a variety of silent and non-silent retreats of different lengths and focuses at different times throughout the entire year. You will love this calm, quaint northeastern United States location and the opportunities it lends for relaxing and being mindful.

What is unique about this retreat center compared to the many others out there is that you are able, if you want to do so, personalize your own silent retreat to make it into exactly what you want it to be. Customized silent retreats ensure you will have the best possible experience that fulfills your greatest peace seeking desires.

2. The Omega Institute


You do not want to miss what this retreat center has to offer you this year. Located in Rhinebeck, New York, the Omega Institute is one of the largest retreat centers out in the northeastern region of the United States. They offer a variety of programs and retreats, everything from yoga to meditation to teaching mindfulness for everyday life.

This center offers a variety of different retreats all year round, including the kind of peaceful and refreshing silent retreats you have been waiting to escape to. Being such a large retreat center, you can choose a silent retreat that aligns with both your schedule as well as your budget.

3. Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center


Head west to Detroit, Oregon for a variety of unforgettable retreats of all kinds. You can book an affordable retreat of your choice in no time at all and you will find the results, and the scenery, absolutely worth the trip.

Not only does this retreat center offer silent retreats so you can concentrate on getting your mind and body back in balance, but it is also a place surrounded by and immersed in nature. It is a remote location in an Oregon forest, which just adds to the benefit of choosing this location to book a silent retreat you will not forget for as long as you continue to live.

4. The Gonzaga Eastern Point Retreat House


The Gonzaga Eastern Point Retreat House located in Gloucester, Massachusetts, offers retreats lasting anywhere from two days to a month long stay. These silent retreats house people in single person rooms to give them the most privacy possible for the purpose of meditation and other mental and spiritual practices that focus on the self and do not involve speaking.

This is an affordable option for anyone who has the time to head off to a short or extended silent retreat for the purposes of personal growth and development. Their web site suggests preparing to book a retreat six months or more in advance due to the facility’s popularity.

5. The Palolo Zen Center


As if you needed another excuse to plan a trip to Hawaii, here is another glorious opportunity you will not be able to pass up. The Hawaiian island of Honolulu is home to the Pololo Zen Center, a peaceful retreat center within a wildlife rich reservation you will want to stay near as long as you possibly can.

The center offers both individual and group silent retreats that range from anywhere between three and eight days. There is lodging available for both visitors and those who might choose to stay long term.

6. The Mount Madonna Center


Head up to the California Santa Cruz mountains for an unforgettable retreat either on your own or in a group of other people who also need to get away for awhile. You have the option at this center of selecting a silent retreat from the retreat center’s online calendar or booking an individual weekend of silence on your own, depending on your purpose for planning a short time of silence for yourself.

The center offers activities ranging from hiking to yoga to individual and group sessions with a variety of different focuses. The center itself is also beautiful, and you are bound to find the silence and the location refreshing – just what you needed.

7. The Green Gulch San Francisco Zen Center


Green Gulch is a part of the San Francisco Zen Center, which includes a variety of retreat options such as classes, gardening, conferences and much more. Regardless of what you are looking for in a retreat of any kind – including a silent one – you will likely find it easily here.

Guest accommodations include both single and double rooms and you can engage in a variety of activities, silent retreats included (their website has a calendar of events so you can book the kind of retreat you want, when you want). You will absolutely love the weather and scenery, not to mention the likely much needed peace and quiet.

Do not hesitate to choose a silent retreat and book your spot as soon as possible. Start saving if you have not already, and block time out in your schedule so you can make it happen no matter how busy you are.

Silent retreats are the perfect opportunity to spend time alone and enter a sense of peace and calm in your mind like you have never felt before. You will leave whichever retreat you choose feeling refreshed and prepared to return to life as normal with a completely different, and better, perspective on the world and all that may be in store for your bright future.