6 Weightlifting Motivation Ideas

Need some motivation for your training? Check out these great tips for giving you the kick up the proverbial to keep your workouts on track…

1. Get a training partner

Get a training partner

Training with someone else is a great way to get motivated. Not only can you encourage each other, but some friendly rivalry is a fab way to get you lifting harder than you’ve ever done in the past (just don’t take to too far – remember the whole reason you’re training is to improve at a steady weight. Getting carried away and injuring yourself is not what the doctor ordered…).

If you don’t know of anyone, try asking at your local gym if anyone knows of a person who’d like a partner to train with. Or you can always check out Meet Up, a website where people meet together in local areas to take part mutual interest groups.

2. Help others

Help others

Helping other in their training is a great motivation – not least because it means they respect your advice. And, bizarrely, working out what methods will boost their training efforts often makes you re-evaluate your own too. It’s a win-win situation for both parties…

3. Imagine you’re up against a rival

Imagine you’re up against a rival

OK, so your arch nemesis is just a little bit in front of you in terms of muscle mass and strength. What ya gonna do? Just give up and let him win? Of course you’re not. What you’re gonna do is up your ante, and surpass him in the muscle mass and strength stakes. In fact, you’re not just gonna get slightly better than him, you’re gonna pound that SOB into annihilation, aren’t you?

4. Mix and match

Mix and match

Bored of your routine? Of course you are. Because doing the same thing week in, week out is dull, Dull, DULL! So it’s important to mix it up a bit. And not only for the psychological improvement. But also because your results will improve if you continue to ‘shock’ your body with changes in training methods.

And yes, we know you want to simply build muscle mass. But actually, the odd bit of cardio here and there is also truly beneficial to your training efforts.

5. Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast

Who says comparing yourself to others is a bad thing. Because when it comes to weight training, it can be truly motivational. Find another body builder who you’d like to emulate (OK, be realistic and choose someone who’s a little further along the training path than you are – not the guy who’s just won the IFBB Mr Olympia).

So, when you reach the same level as your current ‘idol’, pick someone else who’s a bit further along. It really pays to have something to aim for when training, and this is a great way to do it.

6. Take some time off

Take some time off

Yes, really. Take a recovery week. Once every couple of months or so it can be really advantageous to take a week off training (not off your diet though). That week gives your muscle a good amount of time to reset and recuperate, and you’ll likely be amazed at how good you feel when you get back to training a week later.

Not only will your muscles be rested and ready to work, but mentally you’ll be in a far more motivated place. Here’s betting that after the first 2 or 3 days of rest you’ll be itching to get back to the gym. And when you do get back, your motivation levels will be stratospheric!