6 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Girls can be a minefield, can’t they? They say one thing, but mean another… They twist things around… They say they’re ‘fine’, when it’s pretty damn obvious that they’re not…

But hey – we can’t live without ‘em! And if you want to understand your girl that little bit better, then the following 6 questions are a great place to start.

1. What is your idea of the perfect day?

What is your idea of the perfect day

Just because yours might be a day at the big game, or a few hours of Call of Duty with a bargain bucket from KFC, don’t expect this to be the same for her. And, don’t stereotype and expect her to say that it needs to be hearts and flowers – or a chick flick followed by a soak in the bath.

When it comes to understanding things every guy should know about his girlfriend, actually asking her this question may well bring you some very surprising answers. And the great thing is that if there’s some common ground here (and we’re pretty sure there will be), then you can use this information to plan a mutually enjoyable surprise day out. Just think how many brownie points that’ll earn you…!

2. What’s on your bucket list?

What’s on your bucket list

Knowing someone’s heart’s desires (which is essentially what a bucket list is), gives a huge amount of connection to that person. Once again, we’re pretty sure they’ll be a few things on this list that’ll take you by complete surprise. Prepare to be amazed by ambitions such wanting to jump out of a plane, or climb a mountain.

And while these high reaching ‘wants’ are all very well, we’re also betting they’ll be a few smaller ones that will be easily achievable – and that you can help her realize.

3. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

If you could have one superpower, what would it be

Oooh – now here’s a question that helps you delve into someone’s innermost psyche. And whilst guys, if asked the same question, will probably come out with some of the most obvious clichés – being able to fly, being super strong, being invisible – blah, blah, blah… Here’s betting that the girl in your life will probably think about it, then say something that’ll totally blow you away.

Girls tend to see things in a completely different aspect to us guys. And that means that if they could have a superpower, it won’t be something run of the mill. Be prepared to be amazed (and maybe, just maybe, a little unnerved) by her answer.

4. What was your first impression of me?

What was your first impression of me

Okay – so this isn’t a question to ask on a first date. Nor is it one to ask if you’re not secure in your relationship. But if you are – this is fun to know and discuss. Of course, you need to be prepared to hear that she thought you were a bit of a dork – or that you were an oddball. Girls have this unerring habit of being brutally honest with no thought to our egos, after all.

But hey! Whatever she thought at first, she’s with you now, right? And maybe, just maybe, she might confess to having thought you were the sexiest man to have ever walked the planet. And that, my man, will make you feel king for the rest of your days…

5. What is your quirkiest habit?

What is your quirkiest habit

This is a great question to ask, because her idea of what her quirkiest habit is, is likely to differ to what you think it is. Once again, knowing her answer to this brings the two of you that little bit closer together.

Of course, be prepared to have to answer the same question once she’s told you her answer. And when you’ve done that, why not take this fun quiz to find out even more about her.

6. What’s the wildest and craziest thing you’ve done?

What’s the wildest and craziest thing you’ve done

Now, this is a cool question to ask at different stages of your relationship. When you first get to know her she’s likely to be guarded in her answer. After all, what self respecting girl’s going to tell her new BF that she once went skinny-dipping with a bunch of strangers (or something along those lines).

But as your relationship deepens and you both begin to build trust, she’s likely to confess more to you. It’s a kind of learning curve – the more you two connect, the easier it is to be totally honest with each other. There are loads more questions you can ask to find out further information about her.

Use your imagination. Don’t be too personal and, of course, you have to be prepared to answer the same ones – and probably more – in return. Just remember, the whole idea of asking these questions is to get to know her better. And the more you two connect, the better your relationship will be.