6 Online Services To Make Your Life Easier

Fancy a helping hand with life? There’s probably not many who’d say no to that. But while there might be a whole host of products out there that claim to be able to help streamline your life, they certainly aren’t all made equal. We’ve done some of the legwork for you, checking out some great online services that honestly do make life that little bit easier…

1. Boomerang for Gmail

Fed up with a cluttered inbox? You need Boomerang for Gmail, an amazing tool that allows you to remove messages and schedule them to return to you on a specified date.

In addition, you can schedule emails to send at a particular time and date in the future, set handy reminders if you need to chase a message you’ve sent to someone, or even send yourself a reminder email that will arrive in your inbox at exactly the time you need prompting.

Free to use, with paid options if you require a higher level of service (from $4.99 per month). Well worth it, in our humble opinion…

2. Hootsuite

Big on social media? Finding jumping from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter to Pinterest to Google+ to Linkedin confusing, let alone time-consuming? Then Hootsuite has the answer.

Aimed at those who market a product via social media, it provides you with the ability to do just that – but all in a single place. You can schedule messages to post in the future, track analytics of how well you’re engaging with your audience, have RSS feed integrations, and take advantage of the free social media courses the company runs.

There’s different levels of membership, starting with a fee-free basic level, through to professional, team, business, and enterprise plans depending on your needs.

3. Google Translate

With more and more of us working globally, the need to be able to translate to and from English is becoming the norm, rather than the unusual. Online translations tools in the past have been, we have to say, pretty useless (not to mention coming up with funny, or even somewhat rude, conversions into English).

But thanks to improved technology, this is now beginning to change, thank goodness. Google Translate is not only easy to navigate, but it’s free to use as well. And it works in ways other than simply cutting and pasting a block of text. You can also get it to translate a complete web page, just by entering the URL – and it can even work out the language if you’re not quite sure what it is.

4. Work that body

So, you’d love to get fitter (isn’t this something most of us crave?). And sure, there’s a million and one online fitness programs out there – but most of them are, at best, average. Enter Gym America – the online personal training program utilizing artificial intelligence that honestly will see you racing towards your fitness goal.

Forbes Magazine has endorsed it as ‘Best of the Web’ for many years, and when you start using it, it’s really easy to understand why.

The personal trainer software used is truly revolutionary, giving you an individually customized workout and diet program. And it doesn’t matter how fit (or unfit) you are right now, it’ll tailor make a program to your level.

There’s a workout tracker, diet plans, weight loss and fitness challenges, an enormous food and nutrition database, and you can input as much or as little as you choose towards setting up your workout plan. In a nutshell, this is awesome!

5. Save big on your favorite clothes

In these days of flash sales, online bargains, price cuts, and goodness knows what other promotions, it can be a major challenge to get clothes and shoes from your fave designers at the best price. Shop It To Me is a clever online service that does all the legwork for you, letting you know by email where and when your favorite designer gear is on sale – in your size!

You can choose how often your receive the emails – so you don’t end up with an inbox full, or simply log in whenever you feel the need for some retail therapy. A great app for the girl or guy who wants to look their best – for the best price possible.

6. Never fear a computer crash again

We love technology, and we all use it more and more each day. But let’s be honest, how many of us honestly back up our beloved computer on a regular basis? Hands up here – we’re one of the worst offenders!

But all it takes is one measly computer crash (or, more likely, a pesky virus), and all of those photos, folders, videos, and whatever else you store on that precious laptop or desktop could be gone forever. Cue Carbonite, the clever little online gadget that backs up your computer each and every day, and stores it safely in the cloud.

Providing encrypted, unlimited file storage that you can access anytime, anywhere, from any browser, it’s pretty good value (starting at $59.99 per year). Once set up, you don’t have to do a thing, it quietly and efficiently backs up the files you’ve chosen on a daily basis. Leaving you free to worry about the more important things in life…