6 Motivation For Running Tips

OK, so at times we all need a little motivation to keep us running… So when that time comes that you really feel you can’t be bothered to don your shorts and lace up your runners, then just take a look at the following awesome tips to help get you up off your ass and pounding the sidewalk…

1. Realise that it only takes 48 hours for muscles to begin deteriorating

Realise that it only takes 48 hours for muscles to begin deteriorating

Not many folks actually know that it only takes 2 lousy days of non-exercise to begin to lose muscle tone and fitness. And, of course, whilst rest days are important, so is ensuring that you don’t take too many – just because you feel a little demotivated.

After all, you’ve spent so much effort getting as fit as you already are (and there’s no dressing it up – increasing your fitness level is hard work!). So when you think you simply can’t be bothered to get out and run, remember all those times you’ve managed to push yourself further on. Because you wouldn’t want them to go to waste now, would you?

2. Think of the reward you can have afterwards

Think of the reward you can have afterwards

Ever heard of the ‘afterburn effect?’ This is the physical effect on the body and your metabolism after going for a run. There’s plenty of scientific evidence proving that depending on your type of run (HIIT, slow jog, sprinting etc.), that this can be raised for as much as 72 hours post-run (wow!).

This means that even if it takes every amount of your willpower to get out there and go for a run when you can’t be bothered, that you’ll be reaping the benefits for hours afterwards. And this means that you can then tuck into that cheeky ice cream or cookie (or whatever you fancy) afterwards – and do it totally guilt free.

3. Run somewhere different

Run somewhere different

Pounding the same route day after day, week after week, can truly become boring. You know every incline, you know where your normally tire, and you know that it’s boring as hell…

So take a different route. Or run your usual route backwards – you’ll be amazed at how different it is. Why not pack up the car, drive somewhere, and go for a run in beautiful surroundings? Try and find somewhere with a few hills. You won’t need to run as far to get the same effect as running on the flat, and you’ll be amazed at the different muscles you’ll use.

4. Get a running buddy

Get a running buddy

OK, so running on your own can get boring – we’ve all experienced that. So why not see if there’s a running club in your area… Or put a notice up at work seeing if anyone might like to go our for a run with you during your lunchbreak. And of course, there are various forums online where you can see if anyone local is looking for someone to run with.

5. Ditch the treadmill

Ditch the treadmill

So many of us use a treadmill when training. And sure, it’s a great piece of kit. But, we have to say, pounding the treadmill road to nowhere is tedious, to say the least!

So rather than trying to force yourself to hit those buttons and run miles to remain in the same place, get yourself outside and into the elements. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining (and actually, there’s a lot to be said for running in the rain). Plus you can legitimately go and buy yourself some funky new training gear to ensure that you’re high visibility enough whilst you’re out there on the road or in the fields.

Trust us – the fresh air, hearing the birds sing, smiling at other runners going in the opposite direction, and simply being outside will give you a massive motivational boost that’ll get you running longer and further than you ever will trapped inside a gym.

6. Download some great new tunes

Download some great new tunes

Now, if you’re anything like us, you tend to hit the same old playlist every time you head out for a run. And whilst these may well be your fav tunes, there’s a lot to be said for training to some different music once in a while.

Spend a little time deciding which tracks will work well with your running pace. And if you want to ramp up your training a little, then download something with a slightly faster beat than normal. Because trust us, your brain really does have a massive impact on the speed your feet hit the ground. Plus it’s far easier to run in time with the music, than against it.