6 Best Travel Blogs for A Life Of Adventure

Travel, to quote a clique, broadens the mind.  And whatever way you look at it, visiting as many areas of our wonderful planet as possible is awesome fun.

The following are 6 of the best travel blogs we’ve come across to help you make the most out of your adventures.

1. Two Monkeys Travel Group

The Two Monkeys Travel Group is the combined effort of UK based, Jonathan Howe, and Kach Medina Umandap from The Philippines.  Both were travel-hungry before they even met, but that happy meeting of minds occurred, and in 2013 they set up their blog and website.  Since then the self-proclaimed ‘community travel blog’ has grown exponentially, and now includes regular articles from more than 20 writers sharing their experiences.

The theme of their travel is how to combine luxury travel with that on a shoestring – and of course, an amazing spirit of adventure.  Underlying this is real advice on how to actually live a sustainable life while traveling.

Every continent of the globe is covered.  And in addition to offering valuable information and inspiration to other travelers, the aim is to also become a leading forum where both those who travel and those who write about travel can share real time tips and current opportunities.

From budget motorbike trips in SE Asia, through to luxury resorts in the US, there’s something here for everyone.  Want to teach English to fund your travels?  This is the place to look.  What about becoming a yoga teacher or massage therapist?  Then you’ve found your inspiration…

In short, if you want to fund your travels as you enjoy them (as opposed to working in a regular J.O.B. and saving up for those few weeks of freedom each year), then there’s plenty of options out there.

2. Map Happy

Map Happy is a bang up to date, guide-led website that gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know about how technology can be used to improve your travel experience.  Discover how to best use what’s out there on social media.  Find out the latest and best travel apps.  Step by step guides to individual locations abound, as well as reviews on every level of travel – from the most basic through to true luxury.

And just because this is a tech-related travel website, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s not suitable for the older traveler.  Because silver surfers and tech-geeks alike can take advantage of the great travel opportunities that have become available through the instant information the 21st century now provides us with.

3. Off Assignment

On a slightly different vein, Off Assignment is a pretty cool website that acts as a platform for reflective travel writing, as opposed to one that’s simply information driven.  And in today’s world, that’s somewhat of a rarity.

Both professional writers and those who pen words for fun are showcased.  It’s a place to come and browse when you’re looking for inspiration as to where your next adventure should be.  We love it – and the fact that it’s quickly gaining in popularity shows that such an outlet is something many travelers are looking for.

And of course, if you’re looking for information on what it takes to be a great travel writer, then the articles you’ll see on this website are tantamount to the level you need to aspire to.

In a nutshell – awesome!

4. Lost With Purpose

Lost With Purpose is a travel blog from cool couple Sebastiaan and Alex (from The Netherlands and the US, respectively). These 20 somethings decided to ditch the 9-5 lifestyle, load up only the bare necessities into backpacks, and head off to visit far-flung places. The website is a diary of their travels.

If you’re looking for information on how to visit off the beaten track countries such as Iran and Uzbekistan, then this is the website for you.

5. View From The Wing

If you travel, then you should definitely make sure that you take advantage of everything that’s on offer.  And in this case we’re not talking about the locations – more what you can gain when you’re travelling from place to place, or booking accommodation.

View From The Wing is the work of Gary Leff – a true god of what’s known as ‘travel hacking’.  If this is a new term to you, then in short, it’s how to make the most of freebies such as loyalty cards and frequent flyer programs.

But it’s not just any old advice.  What Leff provides is behind the scenes information and industry analysis on everything to do with said programs.  So if you want to know the best to buy into – and how to make those air miles and loyalty points work as hard as they can for you – then check out what this guy has to say.

6. Wandering Earl

We love Wandering Earl. Not only for the content, but because the guy (whose name really is Earl, in case your were wondering), has remained true to his cause of showcasing the real side of travel – both good and bad – and how it can be a realistic lifestyle option.

His blog’s been steadily gaining in popularity since its inception in 2009.  And, unlike many travel bloggers, he doesn’t believe in sugar coating any of his travel experiences.  He’s also flatly refused to accept trips or sponsored content from companies looking for self-promotion.

Earl travels to some of the most difficult places on the planet.  He travels on a shoestring and reports on every aspect of how to do this – both good and bad.  If you’re interested in reading about the challenges he faces, the ups and downs, the happy highs and sad lows of his chosen life, then his blog certainly won’t disappoint.

But a word of caution- the guy really is a half decent writer.  And his words may well ignite the nomad within you too.  Don’t blame us if you find yourself jacking in your secure job, putting your house on the market, and heading off to make some memories of your own…