5 Ways the Amazon Echo Can Make You More Productive

We are always looking for new ways to be productive, and so are technology experts. When Amazon developed its Echo, it did so with the time crunched, efficient consumer in mind. This technology is here to help you do everything from book appointments to keep up with friends, and for those trying to figure out how to do more in less time, it is the perfect investment.

The Amazon Echo is your new digital assistant and the key to living a more productive life. Here are five ways this product can make you more productive just by giving out simple commands to a very small device.

1. Check today’s calendar


If you are a busy person, whether personally or professionally, keeping track of dates is quite a chore, though a highly necessary one. Your calendar app may be your lifesaver, letting you know where you need to be and exactly when you need to be there, but how often do you find yourself pausing in the middle of a task to check what’s on your schedule? Any time wasted is a loss of productivity, but that can be avoided.

You can ask Alexa, the “voice” of Echo, to tell you everything that is on your schedule for the remainder of the day – as long as you have added it to your app first. This way, you can know what the rest of your day will look like while performing other tasks, like getting dressed, making breakfast or checking your email. No more stopping to see when and where your next appointment is.

2. Add to your grocery list


Have you ever gotten to the grocery store, pulled up your items list on your phone and gotten that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten to add something to your list? Chances are you did forget, and you likely aren’t going to remember what it was until you’re back home putting your newly purchased groceries away. One great use for Amazon Echo is being able to use voice commands to add items to your grocery list as you run out of them, so you don’t forget to do it before heading to the supermarket.

Just finished the last of the milk in your breakfast cereal? Ask Alexa to add milk to your grocery list as you are throwing out the empty container. This way you won’t forget to add it to your list later, and don’t have to stop what you are doing to write anything down on a notepad, interrupting your flow of tasks.

3. Set a timer


Some people find that working on a tight schedule makes them more productive, but even the 30 seconds it takes to unlock your phone and set a timer are seconds you can use being productive doing something else. If you want to set a timer so you can work without having to constantly check the clock, you can use Amazon Echo to do this without having to lift even a finger in effort.

Simply ask Alexa to set a timer for however long you want, and she will do it for you no problem. This also helps you mentally prepare for whatever task you are about to complete, because instead of just thinking “I’m about to work for 30 minutes and cannot be distracted,” you are actually saying out loud how many minutes you are going to need to focus on your work. You are much more likely to be able to work straight through your timer with that kind of preparation.

4. Update your to-do list


Everyone likely has some kind of system for remembering what they need to get done and keeping track of things they have yet to accomplish. To do lists are essential for saving time and increasing your productivity. It helps to know what you have to get done before your day truly starts. However, sometimes right in the middle of doing something else, you remember something you know you need to add to your list right now, or else you will forget it completely. This is where the Amazon Echo comes in handy.

The moment you remember something you need to add on to your to do list, simply ask Alexa using a simple voice command to add that item to your list without stopping what you are doing in order to make it happen. Reviewing your task list later on in the day, you can be certain everything you need to do is already there waiting for you – everything you remembered to ask Alexa to include, anyway.

5. Get help in the kitchen


Another way Amazon Echo can help you be more productive is in the kitchen. Cooking takes time, and the last thing you want to do is have to stop in the middle of what you are doing to look up a measurement or other information. When it comes to food, time management is essential.

You can ask Alexa to convert measurements for you, such as how many cups are in a quart, and so on. Normally you would have to stop in the middle of cooking to look up this information if you did not know, but just by asking you can have the information and gather the appropriate equipment without having to use your hands. Convenient if you are a messy baker.

Your productivity is important. Days are short and busy, and there are only so many hours in each one to get everything done. The more time you can save at home – and the less you have to use your hands – the more you will be able to accomplish, and the more successful you will be.

The Amazon Echo is tech that is changing the way we perform tasks in our homes. With new features always being released, you do not want to miss out on all the things this product can help you do every day. You can even order pizza or call an Uber. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close.