5 Great Websites to Help You Beat Procrastination

So. What are you doing right now? (OK, you’re reading this… But that’s not quite our point). Are you actively putting off stuff that you NEED to do? Is that why you’re trawling the Internet? Because many of us do it. Why else would websites such as Bored Panda and the like be so popular?

Anyway, if you’re looking for ways to avoid the sin of procrastination, check out these awesome websites that’ll help inspire you towards your goals, or give you skills you need to make working towards them that much easier.

1. Spreeder


Spreeder is a pretty cool website that gives you the ability to learn to speed read. And if you’re wondering how such a talent can help you beat procrastination, then it’s very simple. Being able to read at a rate of up to 6 times as fast as usual will certainly assist you in shortening tasks that involve taking in a lot of written information.

We usually read at the rate of around 200 words per minute. So imagine what you could accomplish if you could read 600, 1000, or even 1200 words in the same amount of time?

It’s simple to use. You just add whatever it is you want to your Spreeder Library – books, texts, papers, long emails – whatever, and the clever gizmo picks out exactly what you need to take in, meaning you whizz through the words faster than the speed of light.

Full training is included on the website, and it’s simplicity itself to upload whatever text it is you want to speed read.

2. TED Talks

TED Talks

If you’ve not yet come to discover the wonderful world of TED, then this is an awesome website that’ll introduce you to some truly life-changing ideas and concepts. TED Talks features a plethora of videos covering awesome subjects that’ll inspire, and hopefully get you fired up to get onto reaching whatever your goals are in life.

It’s educational too, covering topics as far-reaching and diverse as democracy, future building, health, fake news, using a defibrillator, black holes, DNA, spelling… You get the picture.

And, of course, you can also tap into the brilliance of some of the best people in the world of productivity and inspiration who’ve taken to the TED stage. Think folks like Tim Ferriss, Bono, Jared Diamond to name but a few.

3. Skills for Change

Skills for Change

Want to do some good in the world but don’t know how, where, or who? Then logon to Skills for Change, a unique website that champions what’s known as ‘micro volunteering’.

What this is, is the chance to make up a small part of a project, along with others, and the whole thing adds up to a much bigger task. Micro Volunteering is the perfect opportunity for busy folks – just like you – to give up only a tiny bit of their time to give something back to the world.

Now – how does this help with procrastination? Well, it goes something like this. Doing good for others not only helps them, it helps you as well. Knowing that you’ve given just a little of your time and skillset to help others makes you feel good too. And when you feel good, you naturally become more energized, inspired, and have more get up and go.

Skills for Change is all about online volunteering. So even the most time pressed of people can get involved. Give it a try – it only takes a minute…

4. Coursera


If you’ve been putting off learning a new skill for any reason (it’s too expensive, you don’t have enough time, perhaps you can’t find anything suitable), then get your ass over to Coursera.

Here you can find some of the world’s best courses in pretty much every subject you can think of. They can all be studied online – and best of all, they’re free! You’ll find stuff from some of the world’s most hallowed institutions, such as Stanford University, The University of California, John Hopkins University, Toronto University… As you can see, these are some pretty awesome institutes at which to gain your study.

There are some great studies to undertake on all kinds of subjects; from business to computer science – social sciences to data science. After all, if you’re procrastination is carried out by being online, you might as well be learning something…

5. Bucket List

Bucket List

OK, so if you really are going to waste a bit of time online, then make sure that whatever your doing actually gives you inspiration to get up off your butt and do what you need to. Bucket List does just that, by giving you the tools you need to create, track, and achieve your life goals.

It not only helps you on a personal level, but is being used by companies to help them build world-class cultures. You’ll be amazed at the ideas it can help create. And, let’s face it, having a target to work towards is one of the best forms of inspiration ever!

If you only visit one website on this list, make it Bucket List. In a nutshell – it’s awesome!